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The cost of software development is estimated free of change. Create a request to start with and include information about the ordering company and your contact details. In the process of documentation analysis questions often arise. Skype is our preferred means of communication, since unlike telephone it allows to keep a history of correspondence and to hold group teleconferences. If you don't have a Skype account, we request that you create one.

After receiving and looking through your request we will involve the architects. We respect competition and understand what a tender is. For a detailed study of documentation and an accurate appraisal of the project, a highly-paid EDISON specialist will need to be distracted from their main work. That is why we expect reliable information.

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To get an accurate appraisal of the cost of software development, please write a requirements specification that is as detailed as possible and attach it to your request. A rough document is appraised roughly and then paid designing is offered, which will result in a specified and supplemented requirements specification.