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EDISON Software Development Centre has the following vacancies, to work on the company’s commercial projects:

  • Java-developer.
  • С++, С# Developer.
  • PHP-developer.
  • Python-developer.
  • Tester.


Job specs and working conditions:

  • Work in a stable and rapidly developing company;
  • Complex and very interesting tasks;
  • Choose your own working hours;
  • Young and talented staff;
  • Full social benefits package;
  • Bonuses upon project completion;
  • Quiet workplace;
  • Corporate training;
  • The chance to work remotely on certain conditions;
  • On-the-job training.


Please send us your CV as the first step towards working with us. Payment is calculated on an individual basis, according to ;the following criteria:

  • The quality and speed of completion of a test.
  • The number of previous successfully completed projects.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Broad outlook in programming technologies.
  • Knowledge of English.


Send your CV


Qualities we value in our staff


Icon 1. I’ve started so I’ll finish. We appreciate the experience and abilities of each of our employees and his or her desire and drive to work professionally to the highest possible level. To us, the most valuable quality in an employee is their ability to see projects through to completion. Once a project is successfully completed we shouldn’t sit around thinking “Now I have nothing to do” but rather ask “What’s next?”.

Icon 2. Think like an engineer. While engaged in projects, engineers should be constantly looking for new ways to improve their work and solve any problems that may arise. We encourage our employees to seek out new ideas and non-standard solutions.

Icon 3. Never fear the competition. Today, EDISON is a small but developing company that consists of young professionals who are not afraid of a bit of competition. We are not afraid to take on corporate IT “giants” on the market.

Icon 4. There is no “I, me, mine” in our corporate culture. In our company it is very important for employees to have the ability to work well and solve problems as part of a cohesive team. We work together to achieve our end goals. Every new employee is welcomed into our team and only makes it stronger.

Icon 5. Mutual growth. We are a company of talented people. We pay a great deal of attention to talent and professional skills and spend a long time selecting our staff. The team expects every employee to be easily teachable, interested in progress and new skills acquisition. We see a potential leader in every employee. We want every new day to bring us another professional who is capable of becoming a project leader. We provide such staff the chance to gain theoretical and practical experience and increase his or her salary.

Icon 6. You are our representative. You represent our company whenever and wherever you may be. We mainly work via the internet. Such working conditions require professional speaking and writing skills, punctuality and reliability.