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EDISON originated as a start-up for commercialising the results of scientific research. Today EDISON develops software for large companies from the US, Russia, Australia and Europe, and also has several projects of its own. Our list of business partners grows steadily year on year.


EDISON is currently made up of a team of highly-qualified professionals who provide a whole range of software development and testing services for customers from a variety of business sectors. The proven quality of our services creates an atmosphere of trust between us and our partners, while the practical value and reliability of the products we create significantly improves our clients’ businesses.


Why outsourcing?


The answer is simple. Outsourcing is a way of saving you time and money. It allows you to concentrate on  basic activities, while qualified IT-experts work for you, decreasing project costs. According to Gartner Dataquest research, more than 500 of the most prosperous companies employ an outsourcing strategy.


  • Fact: Employment cost per U.S. software engineer (including operational overheads, employee benefits package including health insurance etc.) is more than $100,000 per year.


Why Russia?


The main advantages of Russian software companies over their offshore competitors are their highly-educated experts and R&D achievements. Russia has a wealth of talent in applied sciences like mathematics and physics. Moreover, the Russian education system continues to produce highly-qualified specialists. Among the other benefits are: the low cost of labour, proximity to Western Europe and the USA, cultural and historical similarities with Western Europe which contributes to better understanding. We will help you maximise profits and gain advantages by employing the services of Russian IT-experts.






  • Fact: EDISON employees were ranked among the top 1-5% in the world when we carried out Elance professional skills tests in 2013.


  • Fact: We are located in one of the most industrialised regions of Russia in close proximity to the two scientific centres of the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Working with us saves you up to 70% of the cost of employing local programmers and project managers where you are.


  1. High quality. We implement projects on time without exceeding budget limits, while providing high-quality software. To ensure the necessary level of service, we strive to improve the development and management process.
  2. Price. Helping to derive a profit from offshore business, we provide you with top-quality software with a reasonable cost cutout.
  3. Experienced staff. Our staff consists of IT-experts with extensive experience in software development. We encourage a creative scientific approach to the process of project implementation.
  4. Reputation. We have gained a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner; successfully managing complex large-scale operations. We have implemented several major projects.
  5. Cultural compatibility. With regard to culture and mentality, our company is more similar to American and European companies than other foreign offshore companies.
  6. Government assistance. The main and immediate objective set by the Russian President and Parliament is the growth of the IT segment, supported by governmental authorities. Five IT-parks are being planned in Russia, one of which will be located not far from our offices. EDISON will gain considerable advantages as a result of this government support, for instance, a tax break.
  7. Flexible contract terms. Our contract terms policy is quite liberal. We guarantee non-disclosure of commercial information from our partners. All of our contracts have copyright provisions.