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From startup to San‑Francisco

A group of talented engineers and programmers joined forces to realise an ambitious biotech startup and, later, to automate the work of the coal mining industry leader. The success of their joint activities gave birth to the idea of registering a company where software and its creation would be considered the most important thing in life. This is how EDISON Software Development Centre came to be.

Today, the company has offices with highly skilled project managers in Moscow and San Francisco, and resource centres in the most developed cities of Russia. Broad geographic representation allows EDISON to attract the most reliable and qualified programmers and quickly respond to the needs of customers from all over the world, all while maintaining competitive prices.


Shortly, we will have established an enthusiastic, one-of-a-kind software development centre

We begin by conducting an audit of the project and the individuals that have already been hired. We then compile a list of the professionals and competences that will be required for the task. It is possible to build a team of engineers that is local, in the customer's city, or distributed – with some engineers based in Moscow, some in the Kemerovo office or others. We either manage the team on our own or transfer authority to the manager of the partner's team, depending on the situation.

A large number of candidates are screened, selected, and interviewed by our team. We create and carry out sophisticated practical examinations using top experts, a tester, and a psychologist in the process. We can develop a qualification prerequisite specifically for the project or utilize one of the dozens of standard qualification tasks available in our library. During the first three months following the launch, we provide free motivation training and consultation to developers.


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