End-user support and reengineering

Software support means supporting an existing information system, training users and patching any defects that are identified. In the event that the existing software naturally becomes obsolete and the support and servicing of the existing system becomes exceedingly expensive, we offer an overhaul of the existing system. This helps to economise on both the transition to new technologies and on supporting outdated software.

Baby buggy

The essence of reengineering lies in redesigning a product. Before initiating redesign work, we conduct a thorough examination of the customer's demands and requirements with regard to the outdated product. As a new version of a product is being developed, the previous system stays functional, and transition from one system to the other is conducted only after a thorough approbation. A good practice in reengineering is parallel functioning: the server software is updated and it supports both user interfaces for a while: the outdated one for compatibility and the new one for operational testing.

By storing documentation covering all of our work, we are able to give our customers the opportunity to stay abreast of our actions and thus be aware of what we are doing at any given stage. Any modifications introduced into the existing system go through strict and thorough screening and testing.


For a precise estimate of the cost of software development, please write a software requirements specification with as much detail as possible and attach it to your request. The preliminary document is given an approximate appraisal. A paid project design, entailing a detailed and amended software requirements specification, is then offered.