Custom application development

In addition to developing our own products we offer services creating software to order. Below you can see examples of custom-made software developments.

Russia's largest library

Development of a platform-independent application suite for remote library access. The work included client and server implementation. Thousands of readers can access the library's server at the same time and read books in compliance with their rights. This package consists of:

  • Client application for reading, searching, browsing etc.
  • Welcome server for performance monitoring and clustering of application servers
  • PDF server/daemon that gives the option of viewing PDF documents by generating a PNG image from any page of a document. This allows stemming
  • Main application server/daemon that connects the client application then opens the documents and provides some navigation and search options
  • SQL Server 2005 with a stemming feature to help maintain the system database
  • Web server that allows users to exchange their URLs for documents
  • System administrator's application

Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Objective-C, C++, Qt, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, 3-tier, TCP/IP, GUI, PDF, FB2, SQL.

Bank notification service for smartphones

TIM connect was created to reduce banks' expenditures on SMS notifications to their clients. The service sends information though an internet connection to various devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone using push technology. The function for sending traditional SMS messages is still retained, and used in cases when sending a push notification to a mobile device is not possible for technical reasons.

The system includes the following components:

  • Administrative interface for bank registration
  • A high performance server
  • API for receiving messages for mobile applications via push notifications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • SMS gateway to connect banks via HTTPS and SMPP protocols
  • Mobile applications

Django, Python, Kannel, C, Linux, TCP/IP, SMPP, MySql, iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

X-ray micro­tomograph manufacturer

Development of software for an x-ray microtomograph. The system allows the user to study the inner structure of an object accurately to within 1 micron using a nondestructive method. The microtomograph consists of an emission source and a photodetector. The rate of radiation absorption is specific for the different substances that make up objects. With the help of special equipment, the software takes 360 photos of microscopic sections layer by layer with a pitch of 1 degree. When the raw data is received, a method of reconstruction based on a radon algorithm is applied. Then the rate of absorption distribution is recreated. On the basis of this transformation, a 3D model of the object under study is built. Octrees are used for compressing 3D data for smooth visualization. The object is presented in voxel format. On average, one 3D model takes up to 200 GB. The acceleration in speed of data processing is achieved by way of increasing the number of servers with CUDA boards and joining them in one computational cluster.

С++, Qt, Windows, Linux, CUDA, VTK.

Transnational manufacturer of video equipment

Design and development of a camera driver – a basic driver for all IP cameras. Development of an authorization and user access control system, which relies not only on basic objects but also on objects in cameras, recorders and their channels. Creation and implementation of a new design for the software package:

  • ‘Recordings diagram’ for convenient display of video recorder archives with navigation and search functionality.
  • Graphic interface components: buttons, menus, dialogue boxes, calendar, etc.
  • Slide panels for user interface control.
  • ‘Map module’ for binding cameras to the real layout of a building or locality.
  • Interfaces for configuring basic models and creating camera profiles

Java, Eclipse, SWT, Visual Paradigm, State Machine, MJPEG, JES, H2.


Time-keeping software for use with both standard and flexible working schedules. The system records work session start and end times as well as user activity. Personal smart cards are used to monitor when users clock in and out. On the basis of the data collected, scores are generated for employees in terms of: standard hours and overtime worked and lunch break duration. Events are recorded in a secure format and cannot be edited. In case of a failed server connection, the system saves the information locally. Once the connection to the server is re-established, the data is transferred.

С#, .NET, Active Directory, SQL.

Finance game

Audited socio-economic online game. Conducted technical tests on the software and compiled comprehensive documentation for the product, including:

  • Description of game components
  • Overall logical scheme
  • Description of implemented functions
  • Database structure
  • Qualifications needed by administrators and game developers

The gaming software was improved and several illogical errors in game-play were removed. Efficiency was improved with the help of the PreFork model for the preliminary initialization of resources.

PHP, phpDaemon, Zend, Oracle, HTML, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, Comet.

Tenders aggregator

An application for quick access to tenders and auctions on the Magelan website. The system is intended to provide simultaneous access for several thousand local network and internet users. The project was coded with C++, Qt and included the following components:

  • Cross-platform client GUI running on Windows, Linux and MacOS for receiving mailing lists of bids and morphological search results using TCP/IP
  • Local SQLite database for storing search history and working in offline mode
  • Web-interface with REST query architecture

Windows, Linux, MacOS, C++, Qt, TCP/IP, GUI, SQLite.

Trading Company

Developed a system for broadcasting video content. The company has 200 offices in 150 cities. These offices have tablet computers with the software pre-installed and broadcast the video clips. A specially-designed application requests content update packages from the server. The system automatically recognizes the latest version available on the server and downloads these updates at set intervals. Account management, collection of user status information and version updates take place via the company website.

PHP, MySQL, Yii, Сервер, Java, Android.

Electronic card website

Upon opening, the application displays a list of all recent and upcoming holidays and festive occasions, including contacts' birthdays. This information appears as a simple list with filter category options. E-card delivery is conducted via telecoms operators using SMS, as well as email and social networks. The software was developed on iOS, Android and web platforms to spread hidden advertising information on the resource to the widest possible audience. The desire to send an e-card via social networks using the mobile application and website leads to the publication of links to the site on the user's wall where the e-card is visible to all the addressee's friends. This generates a ripple effect.

PHP, MySQL, HTML, iOS, Objective C, Android, Java, Twitter, VK, Mobile.

Lending agency

This project includes the development of a system for the repayment of loans via payment terminals. First stage work on the project includes:

  • Development of a payment acceptance and processing gateway for repayments made via terminals
  • Development of embedded software for payment terminals
  • Creation of a driver for acceptance of banknotes
  • Elaboration of an administrative web application for managing a network of distributed terminals
  • Bookkeeping integration module
  • Operational testing and commercial deployment

C#, .NET, ASP.NET, 1C, Orchard CMS, SQL Server.

Law firm

Development of CRM system software for a law firm. The database contains cards, which describe clients or agreements. On the interface level, different functions are divided into so-called ‘blocks’. With the help of a template mechanism, the CRM system allows the user to automatically issue dozens of document types. The payment management block sends out automatic notices to debtors and calculates the fines due. The software is created in the form of a multi-user database, which is in operation at several geographically distributed offices.

C#, .NET, Forms, SQL.

Engineering company

Development of a mathematical SDK, software algorithms to implement it, as well as a programming module for 3D reconstruction. The task of reconstructing the image of scattered wavelengths projected by the x-ray device is solved by numerical formulae, using the Radon transform. The software allows for a 3D model of the tested object to be made using multiple shadow projections, collected at different angles of rotation in relation to the object.



The virtual world of the role play is tied to a map of the city. The location of the player is also shown on this map via GPS. Various characters are placed and move on the map: demons, orcs, etc. Some of these are computer players, others – real people. The player is plunged into this virtual world and must complete quests by evading or confronting the opposing team, avoiding kill zones, collecting and taking away artefacts.

Android, Java, GPS, HTML, MySQL, OpenStreetMap.

Sports betting companies

Software development for a bookmaker's. Software kit includes:

  • Server for processing incoming queries from the data supplier Betradar, from the website and client applications
  • Website offering personal user accounts with the option of placing bets, looking through events, news and tips
  • Application for cashiers at bookmakers offices, which allows them to take bets. The application uses a second screen to display information on live and pre-match bets as well as information on the client's current bet

ASP.NET, MVC, C#, MS SQL, XML, jQuery.

Software company

Design and development of an order exchange centre for taxis. This unified integrated system allows passes on orders to other interested taxi services in the city. Reasons for order transfer may include: an inability to perform a given journey, lack of available taxis, etc. The second service provider is often interested in taking the order even on less profitable terms. The system provides a fair and timely exchange of information, which is passed from one taxi service to another. Detailed statistic data is provided as well as an option to regulate the limitations in relation to outside companies.

Linux, PHP, Drupal, MySQL, API, HTML, XML.

Research institute

Design and development of an SDK for image recognition with the help of a neural network algorithm. Initially, the software learns using a special sample selection. Then the system recognizes images independently by itself.

C#, .NET.

Research institute

Development of scientific and methodological materials for laboratory work in natural sciences at schools and universities with the help of a computer. Introduction of software to replace worn-out and non-cost-effective stands. The package consists of several slides that precisely simulate a certain physical process on a computer screen.

C#, .NET.

Research institute

Design and development of software for modeling and regulating traffic flow on a high-load stretch of road or junction. The system uses video cameras to evaluate the density of vehicle flow in traffic lanes. Then a piece of mathematical apparatus is used to calculate optimal traffic light delay in all directions and for additional sections with the aim of maximizing traffic capacity while reducing the number of traffic jams.

C#, .NET.

Automotive transportation company

Automotive passenger transportation company, which operates intercity bus routes, approached us with a request to develop a new corporate portal. The aim was to enhance communication and interaction between the enterprise and its customers. Information on the portal includes: bus timetables, regulatory documentation, and a brief company history. There is also a flash-map feature which allows users to select their preferred bus station, view the timetable and choose the best bus route. The portal has a separate webpage for each bus station and has been done on Drupal.

HTML, PHP, MySQL, Bitrix, Drupal, XML, ASP.NET.

Payment systems

An online shop was developed to handle e-ticket sales for intercity bus routes. Information on the website includes a detailed timetable of all bus routes and transport interchanges. By filling out a specially-designed form, users can book e-tickets directly from the website. Payment options include e-money services, VISA and MasterCard.



Development of a tool for gathering internet content and keeping track of website updates. This tool works like a service which gathers information from the internet according to a timetable, at predetermined intervals and using given set of templates. Data is collected via connectors (RSS, blog, XML, webpages, etc.). The tool analyses content in each given connector using preset criteria. These criteria act as a set of complex filters. Results gained from content analysis appear in the form of a list and can be automatically sent out by email. This solution has been used to create a service for monitoring mass media and internet content thematically.


Russian Federal Prisons Service

Several high-tech projects were developed as part of the ‘Electronic Prisons Service’ project. New websites were created to automate parcel request and delivery services for inmates within the Russian Federal Prisons System. E-Prisons represents a number of online shops which service prisons and detention centres in Russia. The service also includes an online pharmacy, library, and letter and visiting card delivery system.


Software company

Development of a graphics library SDK for displaying circuit diagrams. The library makes it possible to work with a wide range of hardware: from a simple home computer monitor to professional high-resolution projector equipment. During development we refined the code, eliminated memory leaks and other system resources and increased the performance of the library by approximately 100 times by optimizing algorithms and employing mathematical solutions.

.NET, C#, WPF.

Software company

Analysis of 10 million database entries with the aim of assessing access to client resources: number of opened and viewed documents, number of hits and downloads. The report made it possible to gather information on users' geographical location, determine peaks of activity within the database, calculate daily/weekly/monthly access figures and define a professional scale of user work efficiency.

C#, SQL, Linq, PDF, ReportViewer.

Trading network

Automated system for working with sales representatives. This trading system consists of databases and web applications which can be accessed by registered users (sales representatives, merchandisers and shop owners) from their mobile phones. This software allows the remote user to place an order, check the availability of goods at the warehouse and monitor payments. The database is synchronized with company accounting software in real-time.

PHP, MySQL, 1C, Android, Symbian.

Company office

Development of software for automatic synchronization with Active Directory staff ID numbers, users, user groups, access rights and other information. Source data is provided by the HR department database and data exchange is conducted with the help of a XML file. Staff member profiles are altered and transferred to the service which updates Active Directory in accordance with work data published by the HR department.

.NET, C#, Active Directory, XML, MS SQL.

Industrial transnational corporation

Software translation from English into Russian, including: interface, documentation and user manual. We received the software in the form of source code which was then finished off and translated. This software is designed for accounting and stocktaking: availability, supply, ageing/wear-and-tear, receipt of analytical reports.

.NET, C#, Access.

German networking equipment manufacturer

Developing a Debian Linux automated assembly system for i386 and ARM. This application, which may be used by a wide range of internet users, provides an opportunity to create firmware for devices that use OS Linux (routers, access points, add-ins, servers, etc). i386 and ARM architectures are supported. In the near future we plan to port it to MacOS. The website has been created with help of AJAX technology and represents a simple interface for 3-step firmware creation.

Linux, Python, Django, Bash.

Telecom­munications company

Development and implementation of electricity, cold and hot water calculation systems for a gated community which is being built as part of a government project. Database creation, sampling, reporting. Further work on other facilities is also planned.

С#, .NET, MS SQL, RS-232.

Online auction

Project for upcoming Australian online auction. Our task was to provide online security.

  • Coding of critical review and checking for ‘back doors’ that may have been left open by developers
  • Fixing and testing of all known vulnerable components
  • Hosting testing, stress testing, DoS, port testing
  • Hacking and penetration attempt


Large corporation

This support centre enables managers to access their corporate site from an iPhone. The application allows users to read the bulletin board, browse through tasks and manage documents.

Sharepoint, Active Directory, ASP.NET, MS SQL.

Technology startup

Designed an application for generating currency indices and signals, calculated using the client's own mathematical algorithms. As part of the project the following was created.

  • Server application, which receives API data from the international currency market. Databases have been developed for storing large quantities of data as well as cloud architecture to provide fault resistance.
  • Client application – receives data processed by the server and draws up real-time and history charts (candlestick charts, etc.), before sending the data to MetaTrader.
  • Information website, SEO.

Windows, Delphi, SQL, PHP, MySQL, Bitrix.

Energy corporation

This work involved the development of a CAD tool intended for electrical system engineering. Our implementation included: a core, modular system architecture, built-in scripting language, embedded database module, XML-based file format creation, support for older files, the development of a user interface, a visual design tool and table view. It also involved the porting of mathematical algorithms from FORTRAN language so that we could analyse and monitor the current within the energy system across the country.

Windows, Delphi, BDS 2007, CAD, XML, GUI.

Software development company

Development of a computer-aided software testing (CAST) package for a software system. This is intended to ensure the maximum quality and stability of its critical components. This work included:

  • Testing plan development
  • Testing automation implementation
  • The implementation of test suites
  • Daily test creation and execution
  • Daily reporting on defects for software quality assurance specialists while the system is being developed
  • GUI testing which imitates user activity

We paid maximum attention to the development of the unit and stress testing of SDKs. The testing covered every line of SDK code. In addition, we developed test cases on memory and other resource leakage.

CruiseControl, C++, Squish, Bugzilla, SVN.

Software development company

Development for a web-based administrative electronic library application. This is not only a user-friendly interface for working with databases, but is also an efficient choice from a business perspective. Particular attention has been paid to controlling access. This web-based application replaced a previous version, which was built within a Windows environment. The new version was built, in part, because a client wanted to manage their library via an internet browser.

Web 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX.NET Extensions, CSS, HTTP, MS SQL, CSS, XHTML, XML, WebServices.

Company office

Development of an electronic document workflow system intended for controlling document circulation from one company department to another. This software was integrated into an existing system providing common reports and common data storage. This task was connected with improving the existing system which the client had used successfully for years.


Engineering company

Development of a cluster of servers for distributing the load on a document depository central server. The distributing node receives a query from client applications and sends it to a less loaded operational server. Production nodes perform functions, which require significant processing power resources: image processing, rasterization, database queries. The finished results are sent to the client. When booted, active servers are automatically registered at the distributor. Processor usage and the number of active sessions are tracked to evaluate the production node load coefficient. Different servers may have different protocol versions, which are compared to the client's version. Queries are only sent to a compatible server.

C++, Windows, Linux, Qt, SQL, TCP/IP.

Payment systems

Development of a user access rights differentiation system for a corporate intranet site. User access roles are defined on the basis of a list of controllers and activities with the help of an administrative interface. An audit system is created with the option of viewing active processes. It contains a function to repeat an earlier event. A cheap subsystem of database entry versioning was also developed as part of the project.

Linux, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RHTML.

Software development company

This was a GIS development on a subcontract. The modules enable the tracking of vehicles and managers. We can use a map view to locate them. We use XMPP with TLS encryption for data transmission. During this project we delivered a GPS agent application for mobile and pocket PCs and components for desktop PC use.

Windows, Windows Mobile, C#, .NET, XMPP, TLS, GPS.

Belgian developer

Project for a Belgian engineering company, which produces and sells prefabricated houses. Software includes an online tool for creating a model of the house: several storeys, partitions, roof, inner cladding, furniture and accessories. The application supports various libraries of accessories, furniture, and design textures. As a result, the user receives a 3D model including all selected elements and a print-out invoice showing the full cost of the house.

С++, HTML, ActiveX, SQL.

Automation provider

Development of a modular software package for weight measurement. This software presents APIs which enable third party developers to create plug-ins and integrate them into this package. Its plug-in interface enables other developers to code their own forms, actions, events, device drivers etc. We developed the following functions: event-driven API, plug-in based GUI, support for common weighing devices, support for databases of three types, a reporting tool, video and photo capturing plug-ins, logging and diagnostics tools, an industrial weighing system plug-in, and railway scales support. Project included the development of monitoring software for scales which uses GPRS modems. The package is well tested and documented. It runs Windows Vista and Windows XP. It the package took three man-years in total to develop.

Windows, BDS 2006, Delphi, C++, DWM, WinAPI, Security, PKI, UAC, Threads, Ports, Active Directory, MS SQL, Oracle, Access, ADO, COM, GUI, Reporting, Networking, GPRS.

Industrial enterprise

Participation in industrial automation and system integration projects: development of software for static and dynamic industrial scales, vehicle identification and CCTV. We gained experience of designing and implementing ADCs using microchip controllers.


Automation provider

This project included the development of scales monitoring software which utilizes GPRS and dial-up modems. This project involved the implementation of a data algorithm for diagnostic purposes, which works using standard mail protocols.

C++, ActiveX, COM, SMTP, GPRS, Dial-up.

Public licensing office

Development of software to check requirements and licensing conditions. This solution is intended for the automation of a public licensing office and also helps to meet the licensing requirements. This application automates the circulation of letters, envelopes, instructions, notifications and abeyance. The list of licenses facilitates the organization of a consolidated list taken from three different sources. It works as part of the regional and federal databases of licensee organizations.

Windows, C#, .NET, MS SQL, Reporting, Dial-up, TCP/IP.

Restaurant chain

Implementation of a web application for occupational training and testing of company staff. This system can report on the level of professional knowledge.

ASP.NET, Sharepoint, С#, SQL, IIS.

Automation provider

This project involved testing of software for weight measurement which was developed by the client's software department. We produced the GUI sketch and new system design documents. We produced the requirement specifications of the new software.

Windows, Delphi, Memproof, Rational Robot.

Mortgage service agency

This project involved the development of an electronic web catalogue operating as an online shop. We also reengineered an older web application with a view to CMS integration. CMS was chosen by our client. The new site contains:

  • News
  • Interesting articles
  • Forum
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Mailing list
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Online inquiry form
  • Contact information
  • Real estate catalogue

Linux, Apache, Joomla, MySQL, HTML.

Software development department of an engineering company

Development of a digital video surveillance system with broadcasting and pattern-recognition features. We selected the hardware to guarantee a high level of system performance.

C++, Delphi, COM/DCOM, DirectShow.

Software development department of an engineering company

The objective of this project was signal file format development. This component is intended for signal processing in real time: storing, reading, analysing, decoding and encoding. It also provides lossless data compression and supports older file formats for backward compatibility. It is used in 10+ other applications. We developed a signal editor and viewer as part of the project.

Delphi, WinAPI, GUI.

Internet service provider

Development of a client-server system for fast and secure tax accounting over the internet. The server program enables the public key infrastructure to provide the required level of security. The high-performance Linux-based server program allows hundreds of client connections. The client software allows accountants to send their tax reports from anywhere they want.

Windows, PKI, C++, WinAPI, CryptoAPI, Linux, PHP, Apache, MySQL.

Internet service provider

A client-server suite intended for billing. It can be used for maintaining a client's database. The server-side software calculates the traffic consumption. The client-side application provides an interface for managers and system administrators.

Windows, Delphi, Linux, PHP, SQL.

Mobile content provider

Development and launch of a content provider for the client. This project involved the following tasks:

  • Development of software for delivering mobile content which handles the mobile subscriber's requests. This task included some hardware installation and configuration
  • Development and deployment of SMPP-gateway software for interaction with mobile operators. This helps to overcome connection restrictions and integrate more services within a limited number of connections
  • Development of a SMS-based notification service for company staff
  • Development of mobile phone games
  • Development of an internet portal for selling mobile content

Linux, Java, Tomcat, MySQL, Apache, SMPP, VPN, SMTP, PHP, HTML.

Biotechnology startup

Development of a software suite for scientific research in the field of biology and human physiology. This application suite was developed as the result of scientific research in human physiology and sports medicine. The method was patented and software was internationalized. This work underlies the online version of the system. A wireless cardio-monitor device was designed to record heart rates in real time. The ‘scientific’ version is intended for scientific research on heart rate variability. Further to this, an expert system was designed for the rapid diagnosis with regard to whole body conditioning. It works by analysing the interaction of a human body's regulatory systems governing the processes within the cardiovascular system. This expert system can determine over a thousand different bodily states which are divided into three main categories: satisfactory, strained, and unsatisfactory. This work included the development of an online shop.

Windows, Delphi, GUI, RS-232, FFT.

Public administration office

Development of software that automates the registering and issuing of estimate documentation. A catalogue of organizations is used to manage the database according to the relevant job type.

Windows, C++, FastReport, Access, GUI.