Transfer of copyright

Company management teams very often tend to be cautious about involving outside specialists for fear of possible confidential information leaks.

The Digital Research Company has conducted large-scale research on various companies which use outsourcing services aimed at identifying the channels of information leakage. The research clearly proved that 59% of confidential information leakages are due to the fault of the staff of these companies who are simply not able to keep secrets to themselves. The remaining 41% of confidential information leaks was also unconnected with the reliability of outsourcing service providers, but was rather a result of more trivial circumstances like commonplace negligence, e.g. lost notebooks, cases with documents etc. The statistic results obtained show that the probability of confidential information leakage when working with professional providers of software services is negligibly small.

Transfer of copyright

For a company providing such services, this work is no less than a means of survival. That is, its presence and competitiveness on the market depends on the quality of the services it provides. This is the reason why such companies have a very responsible approach to selecting their personnel. The engineers whose job it is to work with customers are not only required to have a very high level of technical expertise (guaranteed by the technology providers) but must also to be able to observe discipline and the norms of corporate ethics.

Measures aimed at copyright protection

01 Copyright agreement Copyright agreement on the transfer of sole rights to codes and graphic designs
02 Registration of copyright Registration of copyright on software
03 Virtual private networking setup Signing non-disclosure agreement on confidentiality and information protection
04 Signing non-disclosure agreement Virtual private networking setup