Asphalt mixing plant automation

Asphalt mixing plant automation

February 11, 2005

Asphalt mixing plant

Automating an asphalt and concrete mixing plant. The mixing logic was implemented with GCC, KDevelop and Qt for Linux Red Hat. The project included the implementation of a graphical visualization subsystem and graphical user interface.

Automation of an asphalt mixing facility included development of the following subsystems.

  • Systems working in tandem with hardware: sensors, actuators and other control elements for the technical process.
  • Fail-safe logic for preparation of mixtures in accordance with predetermined recipes.
  • Automated operator workstation with graphical interface for supervisory control of mixtures and production processes.

A key element of the system is the kernel, which includes the program logic for preparation of mixtures. It operates independently from the graphical user interface, which is connected to the server and manages it with the help of commands. The graphical interface also receives information about the condition of the sensors to create a visualization of the production process. With the aid of diagrams, the operator can understand what is happening at the facility, and using buttons and slide levers can manage the parameters, as well as shutting down and initializing plant operations.

The factory normally comprises the following units: a batch system for measuring out inert materials, a drying cylinder, a burner, filters, conveyor storage for hot materials, a vibration screen, a mineral filler feeding system, a batching and mixing plant, scales, a chamber for storage of the finished product, a delivery system and a management system.

Asphalt mixing plant automation