Databases and CRM systems

Databases and CRM systems

March 8, 2012

Digitized document workflow has been firmly established as a key tool in increasing the efficiency of an office environment. The company has participated in dozens of projects involving the creation and maintenance, along with regular updates, of in-house tools aimed at easing business and office work.

Law firm

CRM system for an organization consisting of several coordinated offices

Development of CRM system software for a law firm. The database contains cards, which describe clients or agreements. On the interface level, different functions are divided into so-called ‘blocks’. With the help of a template mechanism, the CRM system allows the user to automatically issue dozens of document types. The payment management block sends out automatic notices to debtors and calculates the fines due. The software is created in the form of a multi-user database, which is in operation at several geographically distributed offices.

CRM system for an organization consisting of several coordinated offices
CRM system for an organization consisting of several coordinated offices example

Software development company

Analytical tool for large online database

Analysis of 10 million database entries with the aim of assessing access to client resources: number of opened and viewed documents, number of hits and downloads. The report made it possible to gather information on users' geographical location, determine peaks of activity within the database, calculate daily/weekly/monthly access figures and define a professional scale of user work efficiency.

Public licensing office

Issue of building requirements and licenses

Development of software to check requirements and licensing conditions. This solution is intended for the automation of a public licensing office and also helps to meet the licensing requirements. This application automates the circulation of letters, envelopes, instructions, notifications and abeyance. The list of licenses facilitates the organization of a consolidated list taken from three different sources. It works as part of the regional and federal databases of licensee organizations.


Public administration office

Issue and storage of estimate documentation

Development of software that automates the registering and issuing of estimate documentation. A catalogue of organizations is used to manage the database according to the relevant job type.