Designing prefabricated houses and furniture to order

Designing prefabricated houses and furniture to order

December 8, 2007

Belgian developer

Project for a Belgian engineering company, which produces and sells prefabricated houses. Software includes an online tool for creating a model of the house: several storeys, partitions, roof, inner cladding, furniture and accessories. The application supports various libraries of accessories, furniture and design textures. As a result, the user receives a 3D model including all selected elements and a print-out invoice showing the full cost of the house.

The application allows potential buyers to design prefabricated houses from a range of materials presented on the site, including interior design. The software contains a library, a back end and a client module. The 3D visualization was developed with consideration of various settings.

The library consists of a collection of 3D images of interior furnishings (furniture, lamps, white goods and flooring), options for various wallpaper designs or paints among other options. There is an option for manufacturers to add or upload the component parts of the interior for subsequent use in the system.

The server side handles requests, creates images, calculates costs, and is responsible for providing access to workflow participants.

The client module can be downloaded by users from the site, with full online support. There is an optional component which functions as a browser extension. The user can use the site to create their ideal home. The house is composed in stages. The overall dimensions, floor plan, number of floors, internal configuration of space by room, doors and windows are decided on. This is followed by floor materials, wallpaper and related fittings. The roof is designed, with furniture, home accessories and lighting added. After selecting the various elements of the house, the information is processed. The client is able to view a 3D model of the home in the format of a virtual tour, and receive reasonably accurate preliminary price estimates.

Application for designing interface

The resulting draft is sent to a construction company to undergo a simple technical review. Corrections are made, blueprints are drawn up, and the corrected price estimate for construction of the home is returned to the client.

Advantages of the application:

  • Involvement of prospective customers in the sales process
  • Opportunities for increasing sales volumes of houses as well as interior design elements
  • 3D visualization of construction designs
  • Opportunity for buyers not experienced in construction to provide detailed technical requirements
  • Price estimates, coming as close as possible to the end costs
Application for designing view sizes
Application for designing armchair