Dispatch system for heavy and light transport

Dispatch system for heavy and light transport

March 13, 2008

Dispatching is a method of centralizing management for a fleet of automobiles. The main tasks carried out by a transportation dispatch system are as follows:

  • Vehicle location monitoring at intervals of one minute
  • Operative management of transportation process in real time
  • Speed and direction management with real-time mileage
  • Controls ensuring the timely completion of transportation tasks
  • Minimalizing the influence of human factors in the completion of transportation tasks
  • Controls on the misuse of equipment, staff working on the ‘side’, and transport stoppages
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Indicators for the condition of the fleet, including functionality of the system, mechanisms and equipment
  • Hotline between dispatchers and drivers
  • Time plans and updates on completion of assigned routes
  • Indicators for routes passing predetermined locations within a set time frame
  • Monitoring of the work of drivers and dispatchers
  • Objective sensor monitoring and accounting for completion of transport assignments
  • Preparation of departmental reports for the transport fleet with regard to previous accounting periods

Opencast coal mine

Dispatch and fuel management system

Development of a modular system for vehicle monitoring with GUI for an opencast mine and implementation of a dispatch system for transportation facilities. This work included database design and development, plus reporting using Crystal Reports. An emulator for the device (Spectrum 433) that monitors the vehicle fuel level was also developed.

Software development company

Dispatch system for a corporate car fleet

This was a GIS development on a subcontract. The modules enable the tracking of vehicles and managers. We can use a map view to locate them. We use XMPP with TLS encryption for data transmission. During this project we delivered a GPS agent application for mobile and pocket PCs and components for desktop PC use.