EDISON video clip

EDISON video clip

July 26, 2013


The need arose to illustrate a highly complex and multistage process of software development in a simple way.


  1. Through brainstorming, we came up with an idea for the clip. At the same time, the decision was taken to create a simple and clear design to engage as many viewers as possible.
  2. The idea of the video is to provide clients with a demonstration of the main stages of work and cooperation with our company. Software development is a long process, which requires time, so it is symbolised by a clock. We showed a timeline to illustrate the main stages of project development. At certain points, the clock starts speeding up to indicate time passing. At the same time, the key figures in the project successfully carry out their tasks. The end point is the release of a software product that works.
  3. Then the script was created: the main characters were chosen, the entire story was broken up into scenes, possible effects were approved.
  4. Preliminary design of the clip's concept in the form of sketches of the main scenes (or so-called “scene selection”).
  5. Following approval of the previous stage, we proceeded to the animation itself, which required several iterations.
  6. The final video was different from the original plan. This development can be seen step by step: idea, script, scene selection, the clip itself.
  7. The implementation of the technical aspect consisted of converting the video format to one suitable for uploading in high definition and subsequent posting to video hosting sites.


Scene selection

Scene Initial
Scene Design
Scene Coding
Scene Testing Deployment
Scene End