Gated community energy and water calculation system

Gated community energy and water calculation system

March 4, 2009

Telecommu­nications company

Development and implementation of electricity, cold and hot water calculation systems for a gated community which is being built as part of a government project. Database creation, sampling, reporting. Further work on other facilities is also planned.

We developed a system for calculating use of electricity as well as hot and cold water within a gated community, allowing for usage rates to be mapped over time so as to deliver the most efficient possible supply to the residents of the community built in accordance with modern environmental and insulation regulations. One of the main causes of loss of power to residential networks is theft, either of cables or the electricity itself. This system puts several security measures in place to prevent this, including the removal of electricity meters from houses at the boundaries of gated communities, as well as a software solution which detects abnormal consumption patterns, flagging them up to administrators as possible signs of theft.

Performance counters are made automatically from sensors across the complex at regular intervals, before being transferred to a single data collection point and then compiled in a database, from which samples can be drawn at any time for the creation of reports. The data forms the basis of bills sent to residents, and real time figures allow for the swift correction of power imbalances. Changes to supply can be made accordingly, where for example one particular price plan doesn't meet the requirements of a household. This system vastly reduces accounting costs and because it makes the siphoning off and theft of water and electricity almost impossible, losses can be reduced by as much as 40%. Due to all these factors, the automated system for provision of utilities is cost-effective, both for providers and customers.