How do we draw characters?

How do we draw characters?

February 15, 2010


The blues is back

We invite you to spend an enjoyable evening at the jazz-cafe with this original jazzman character. He plays the piano and sings. Children and adults adore him. He plays the blu-u-u-u-ues. No one plays the blues better than the people whose ancestors invented it. And our jazzman is a real B.B. King.

Everything starts from a rough sketch

Everything starts from a rough sketch

Then the character acquires colour

Then the character acquires colour

And various poses

Various poses

Here are some metaphors and characters that we have managed to recreate from memory.

Musician sheep

It must be hard to play the guitar with hoofs, but our sheep-guitarist has what it takes to cheer up the cows on the farm. Scientists have proven that when pleasant music is played to cows it has an amazing effect on milk yield and quality. So, our musical sheep is a vital link in the chain; helping to produce the best, creamiest milk around!

Car on caterpillar tracks

This is a variant of an illustration for a company website. We offered it, among others, to a company manufacturing off-road vehicles. But the customer replied that such “off-road vehicles” do not exist in real life, and chose a traditional image of a vehicle, which can now be viewed the Vityaz website. In the end, our own creation remained part of our office collection, but we believe that it is this kind of off-road vehicle that will help us to overcome all manner of pits and bumps.


We designed a Lonely Moose character for the dating website of an international marriage agency. The Lonely Moose appears on the website along with the other users, each of whom has their own number. This evocative image is a non-verbal call to action for all the site's users. The marriage agency's services are popular with lonely hearts.

Dangerous criminal

A flamboyant character was created by our designer during his free time. The image was inspired by our projects for the regional offices and institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service (E-Prisons project).

Sad mouse

Aside from the basic educational programme, a child day care centre offers a number of additional classes of intensive English and Russian language learning, as well as choreography. The lessons are paid for separately and are optional. The idea of the image is that the mouse is sad because it longs for the chance to socialise and is desperate to learn.

Mischievous spoon men

Character design for food packaging. The mischievous spoon-men are here to cheer you up by playing a tune on their wooden spoons. These cheerful, plump characters give the impression that their spoons are used for eating as well as playing. They love traditional Russian meat dumplings (pelmeni) and only the best will do. Our guys know the difference between soya and the real deal. These characters appear on the packaging of the company's new brand of meat dumplings and create the right associations to engender feelings of trust in consumers.

Fish in aquarium

A ferocious cyborg fish character was created as part of our work with a British software company. Why wouldn't want an aquarium with a techno fish in their home?! It doesn't even have to be fed – you can just plug in into the wall when you want to use it. We have also created other character graphics for a Java game.

Gorgeous unicorn

A character was created to support a prominent advertising campaign for a jewellery shop. We endowed a fairy-tale Unicorn with aristocratic features and a noble countenance. His golden tail and gracefully curled mane sparkle in the sun, and his horn blinds the eyes with a diamondlike brilliance. Our unicorn effectively hints at the golden jewels and diamonds sold by the shop.


Development of a character for advertising the services of a regional mobile network operator. The idea of the project: our operators are willing to work even underwater. Besides, the kindness and affability of dolphins is known to all. The image is intended to characterise the mobile network operator as the proprietor of an amiable service.

Siberian bear

To promote the client's liquor and spirits, our artists created an image of a fierce bear in trousers and shirt standing with a gun in a forest glade. Many people still associate Russia with Siberia, bears and vodka. We successfully combined all these associations in one image.

Spider lamplighter

Development of a character for administering mobile content databases. An old spider was created for this purpose. His lantern will light up all the secluded spots and guide you through all the storerooms of mobile content.


This droid with its ugly face but kind nature is waiting for a master! Our artist created it during one of his moments of inspiration. You can buy all of the rights to this nice character, which can be reproduced to suit your individual purposes. Just click on the button at the bottom of the page or contact us for details.


Character for a construction materials store. A tortoise's shell is its home. The picture symbolises any house, cottage or flat. Dwellings are built, bought, and renovated. By the way the patch on our tortoise shell suggests a renovation carried out to a high standard.


A Viking is the main hero of the club, symbolising physical and spiritual fortitude and willpower. The credo of the courageous club members paraphrases a proverb: “If you want to test a person take him to the mountains”. Well, even the greatest challenge is no match for the formidable Viking.

Hatched chicken

This charming character was borne of the imagination of our designer. Our customer liked him so much that now this new-born chick now adorns egg packaging!