Information portal for goods and services

Information portal for goods and services

July 5, 2014

Startup company

Nationwide catalogue covering the goods and services of various companies as a sales promotion tool.

The administration module is intended to facilitate interaction between sellers and buyers. It contains a catalogue, a protocol for changes and a list of users. The software was created from scratch, including the code and the database. When the administrative part is first accessed, an authentication page is displayed, checking the administrator's username and password. Management of the goods and services list structure is conducted in the Catalogue section. The module is built so that there are no restrictions on what can be included in the catalogue. The administrative interface enables viewing and editing of the full list of goods and services, managing entries, and adding or correcting additional properties of an entry.

Confirmation is required when an entry is deleted. Deletion of an entry at the top of a hierarchy forces the deletion of any sub-entries. There is an option to filter categories by specific parameters, including popularity, catalogue number, name, priority, appearance, image, price range and whether an entry is publically accessible or hidden.

The client module contains a catalogue of goods, services and companies. There is a search box with hints for finding products and services. The search is carried out instantly. If a search category is chosen, the search is limited to the chosen section. Products can be listed by price, brand, rating or availability. Hints are displayed for clarity. Photographs are provided in two formats, with smaller images shown during the search and detailed images opening in a separate pop-up window. The description of goods and services is given in two formats: a short (introductory) description and a full description, which is more detailed. The search by categories is displayed in a new window with a possibility to filter down to the desired selection of entries.

The company information page is presented in panel form, with an additional independent website, containing a business and legal address, banking details, a work schedule, sales outlet addresses, and a link to the website. There is an option of customer pickup or courier delivery, as well as a choice of payment by credit card on delivery or sale on credit.

Seller user profile

01 Pricelist A seller's main tool, taking the form of a full list of goods and services. It is imported automatically in XML/YML and XSLS formats and updated manually.
02 Display window A selection of ‘hot’ deals on the seller's page. Readymade templates or custom designed materials are used for graphics.
03 Desktop A instrument for quick status analysis and stock and sales management in the form of a custom set of widgets.