Interactive property market database

Interactive property market database

November 11, 2014

Real estate agency

Project to develop software to automate city property markets, including the following subsystems:

  • Housing database using information from titleholders
  • Agent's personal accounts providing support for interaction within agencies
  • Platform for interaction between agencies
  • Public website for potential buyers

Software designed for real estate agents and agencies, providing great opportunities in the area of company management and administration. The software itself is simple and, most importantly, intuitive, facilitating work and saving the time of both estate agents and clients. The software provides a housing database, sourcing publically available information directly from titleholders, as well an online public platform, displaying houses which are for let or for sale for the benefit of potential buyers. There are also personal user accounts for estate agents to facilitate interaction within agencies, as well as a ready-made platform allowing for communication and coordination between estate agencies.

The database is updated daily, and offers high-level functionality. Properties can be searched for based on the type of transaction offered (such as sale, lease, rent or exchange) as well as by property type. Multiple fields can be entered simultaneously, and the search feature can be set up so that additional information is featured in results, such as photo galleries, locations or dimensions.

The application offers the following:

  • Uploading search results to Excel
  • Buying, selling and exchanging real estate
  • Saving a list of contacts with information about customers
  • Electronic workflow
  • Monitoring of agents' activity
  • Insufficient funds notifications to prolong the service
  • Automatic publishing of a real estate list on the webpage
  • Production of a catalogue of placements for advertising and media
  • Real estate presentation for the customer (images, planning, technical descriptions) with the option of sending via email
  • Database operation: search, archival storage of contracts and events attached to a piece of real estate

The software designers developed a licensing system for agents' personal accounts and a mechanism to protect information from abuse: the program doesn't allow one user to work from multiple locations simultaneously. The software supports an SMS-service through which agents can send newsletters to subscribers to keep them informed about any changes to advertisements.

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