Logo for an African lottery

Logo for an African lottery

August 22, 2015

African gambling company

Three logo options for African lottery “Gane-Gane”

Design #1

The main concept for this logo is a hand clenched in a fist as if to say “Good luck!” or “It's in your hands!” The fist is depicted with the palm at the front so as not to suggest any aggression. A hidden letter ‘G’ can also be seen in the logo, and the bent fingers form a part of the national motif used by peoples of Africa (Guinea) during special ceremonies. The symbol itself rests on a pedestal bearing the Gane-Gane word mark. A horizontal orientation for the logo is also possible.

African lottery logo 1

Design #2

The word mark logo is designed in the style of African motifs which are easily recognisable and immediately give the idea of the continent being referenced. The word mark is framed by lottery-style balls resembling a snake – a motif used by West African (Guinean) tribes. The pictures inside the letters can be shaded in the colours of the Republic (red, yellow, and green), thus connecting it to the region.

African lottery logo 2

Design #3

This logo design is inspired by African drawings. ‘G’ – the first letter of the name – stands in the middle of a circle representing the sun, with the balls surrounding it representing sunbeams, twirling around the sun and falling out one by one just like winning lotto numbers. Both vertical and horizontal orientations are possible. The symbol itself can be used separately as a favicon/icon.

African lottery logo 3
African lottery logo 4
African lottery logo 5
African lottery logo 6