Opening a localized SMS and online lottery

Opening a localized SMS and online lottery

August 22, 2016

African gaming agency

A lottery web application, aimed at African countries. The site's design features traditional African colour schemes. The application allows users to purchase a ticket for participation in one of the six lotteries and to pay by any chosen method. The administrative interface allows site administrators access for management of lottery draws, stakes and prize money pay-outs. The site's system is integrated with the SMPP protocol, allowing users to purchase tickets via SMS.

Public side of the application

The lottery website allows the user to purchase a lottery ticket online or create a code to be sent via SMS to the relevant number for their chosen lottery draw. The user will then receive a confirmation SMS containing the details of the ticket. The home page displays lottery information boxes relating to stakes and prizes for the next draw, as well as the time remaining until the draw and the results of the most recent one. The ticket purchase page allows the user to select ticket parameters, add the ticket to their cart and make a payment, or send it as a gift to a friend via email. The SMS ticket page is similar to the standard ticket purchase page except for the fact that it doesn't contain a payment block. Instead it shows a code containing the chosen parameters and the number to which the code should be sent to in order to obtain a ticket. On the ticket check page, users can check whether they have a winning ticket and if so, find out the total winnings for their ticket. This page also provides access to the lottery rules page. On the draw results page users can view information about the results of completed draws, including the winning number combinations and the number of winners for each category. This page also allows users to download the data in a range of formats. Users can download results for a selected range of draws or simply download the entire range of draw information. This page shows statistics relating to the balls drawn, including the number of times a particular ball has been drawn and the number of draws since it last appeared. Users can also view information about the company and read the company's latest news on the website. In the FAQ section users can view questions and answers across various categories. On the contacts page the user can view contact information for representatives of the company and send a message or suggestion to the administrator. Users can change the site language by clicking on the language button in the top menu. Users can register at the site by creating a local account or by signing in with a chosen social network. After registering, users can view their personal account.

User Personal Account

01 Tickets This section displays all tickets ever issued to the user grouped by lottery type. Every ticket listed contains the following information: number, date of purchase, draw into which it was entered and any prizes won if the draw is over.
02 Cart Here a user can view all tickets issued but which have not been paid for. Information about these tickets is displayed in the same format as in the Tickets section. Any selected ticket can be deleted from the Cart, and the entire Cart can be emptied. A user can also use this section to pay for tickets by their chosen method.
03 Personal Information Allows users to change data provided at registration and organise subscriptions to mailing lists for particular lottery type.
04 Technical support Allows users to send inquiries to Technical Support Service and track previously sent inquiries.

Administrative Cabinet

01 Users Shows a table listing all users registered to the system. The User Edit page enables administrators to set an email and username as well as delegate administrative rights to particular users.
02 Lotteries Shows a table displaying the various lotteries. The Lottery Edit page allows an administrator to set the price of any ticket, the time period for accepting stakes on each day of the week as well as the coefficients for the winning categories in a given lottery.
03 Draws Shows a table with all the lottery draws. The table shows general information about the draw: the draw date, winning numbers, the number of tickets purchased for the draw, the number of winning tickets and winnings paid out to users.
04 Tickets Shows a table with all purchased tickets registered in the system. The table shows all the important information relating to individual tickets: lottery type, username, amount paid, date of payment and whether the ticket was issued by SMS.
05 News Shows a table with all news articles. The News Edit page allows the administrator to set the language of each piece of news and enter the news text itself using an in-built editor.
06 SMS Permits the administrator to search through all text messages sent and received by the system. From this page an administrator can send a text message from any number registered in the system to any other number or create a mail out to all users or just to users taking part in a particular lottery.
07 Technical support service Shows a table with all user inquiries and can be filtered according to inquiry status. The Reply page allows the administrator to answer any inquiry and attach any file type to administrator responses.
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