Payment systems

Payment systems

May 16, 2013

We participated in the creation of a payment system for a regional network comprising several thousand terminals, which was subsequently sold to a larger conglomerate. By far the most common task in these kinds of projects is the integration of a web application into an existing payment system. The company has carried out projects such as these many dozens of times, examining the API of all major global payment systems. In addition, we gained expertise in writing low-level software for all kinds of devices, including for the drivers of card readers, touchscreens and keyboards. Developing a graphic interface for payment terminals is not a complicated task, with the major difficulties arising in the writing of code for peripheral devices, especially where it is necessary to write a new driver for hardware.

Regional payment system

Network of payment terminals and processing centre

This software development was for a regional payment system. The work included a server-side core and payment terminal implementation. The core provides the option of adding new payment types, such as mobile, internet, cable TV, credit card payments and payments for municipal services and penalties/fines.

Payment System

Rights differentiation for a payment system

Development of a user access rights differentiation system for a corporate intranet site. User access roles are defined on the basis of a list of controllers and activities with the help of an administrative interface. An audit system is created with the option of viewing active processes. It contains a function to repeat an earlier event. A cheap subsystem of database entry versioning was also developed as part of the project.

Lending agency

Network of loan repayment terminals

This project includes the development of a system for the repayment of loans via payment terminals.

First stage work on the project includes:

  • Development of a payment acceptance and processing gateway for repayments made via terminals
  • Development of embedded software for payment terminals
  • Creation of a driver for acceptance of banknotes
  • Elaboration of an administrative web application for managing a network of distributed terminals
  • Bookkeeping integration module
  • Operational testing and commercial deployment
Network of payment terminals and processing centre