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One of EDISON's competitive advantages is the fact that our range of completed projects is increasingly varied and diverse, while the knowledge and expertise accumulated through our work is truly universal. This allows us to work on large multi-level projects which comprise cross-platform solutions, distributed systems, and involve the integration of existing systems.


During their time on the market, EDISON specialists have completed more than a hundred software development projects. Thanks to their wide range of expertise, our specialists have been able to develop software for organisations operating in various sectors. Some projects have involved helping clients to automate their work from scratch. We have designed a great number of different programs, applications and algorithms.


Our client portfolio includes both large and relatively small-scale organisations, public institutions, private entrepreneurs and even several individuals. Clients are often from different locations and time zones. As a rule, our relationship with the client is not limited to the launch of a website or the development of a software program. We are focused on building long-term partnerships and offer maintenance, business support and training for our clients’ specialists. At EDISON we regard long-lasting, stable partnerships with our clients as a mark of our efficiency and hard work.