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High-grade Website Development

Website development

We provide professional services in website development and maintenance. We build “turnkey” websites. This includes producing unique graphic design solutions for your website, technical page-layout, content management systems (CMS), and web hosting of your site.


Main stages of high-quality website creation:

  • Developing a model of the website with an artistic concept and considering its technical specifications
  • A number of different designers draw several versions of the website
  • Picturing required elements
  • Processing and retouching of provided material
  • Composing the selected version of the website
  • Flash-animation
  • Company profile creation
  • Writing articles and news
  • Proofreading
  • Choosing the content management system and other libraries
  • Coding the software of the website
  • Configuring web hosting
  • Uploading the website to the hosting domain
  • Uploading site content to the website
  • Testing website functionality and vulnerability
  • Informational support: writing new articles and news for the website
  • Technical support of the website - ensuring efficiency and accessibility on the web
  • Search analysis, developing a semantic kernel for the website
  • Contextual advertising
  • Search engine optimisation


The role of a website in pursuing the marketing goals of a company


Today, it is getting more and more difficult to find a “serious” company that is not represented on the internet. This is hardly surprising. A good web-office is an added advantage when competing on the market. A website allows you to:

  • Provide the most timely and detailed information about your company
  • Establish new client relations
  • Explore new markets for goods and services
  • Find new partners
  • Optimise the process of information exchange with existing customers and partners
  • Speed up trade operations
  • Simplify the processing of incoming orders and inquiries
  • Obtain information on the demand for products or services on the market in real-time
  • Increase company prestige (actualisation of further ambitions and self-assertion)


The quantity and quality of internet-based services is increasing each year, which indicates the popularity of internet-based services is growing in our society. In particular, the past few years have seen a developing trend: a significant number of small and medium-sized businesses are acquiring web-offices on the internet. Thus, companies that have web-offices are more competitive on the market:

  • A unique source of information that can provide any volume of information - both textual and graphical. The use of photographs and other graphics will allow you to give details about your company, products and services. And you can also publish any type of information (tips, articles, tricks of the trade, technological know-how, etc.), which inspires trust and interest in your customers and business partners.
  • It is another way of receiving orders and selling goods and services. Thus, you acquire an additional distribution channel.
  • You can quickly access information from anywhere in the globe at any time. Your future customers and partners will learn about your company and products, no matter which time zone they live in. It is enough to simply turn on the computer and go online.
  • Unlimited time access to information. This means that the information on what you are offering the customer will be available for closer examination than in the newspaper, or on the radio or television.
  • The option of quick information editing. With the help of software modules designed for your website you can edit information independently, without involving web developers, thus saving you money and making the site interesting to your customers.
  • Data security & fetch protection.
  • Means of communication. Your customers can leave feedback on the site about your products and your partners can discuss urgent problems on the forum.
  • A most profitable way to do business. You can use the site to implement all of the seven items listed above, and it will cost you less than opening an additional office or paying an annual salary to an additional employee.


The sooner you get your business online, the sooner you can leave your competitors behind.


Why do I need a website?


The internet can be used as a sales channel, a mass media network that is easily available, or you can create your own corporate intranet. The web gives you new ways of communicating with suppliers, customers and business partners. It is a unique source of information about goods and services; giving you powerful marketing tools. Therefore, we can cite a number of arguments in favour of the Company web-office:

  • Improves the your brand image
  • Excellent for promoting company goods and services
  • Attracts new clients
  • Establishes a new sales channel
  • Provides customer service and support
  • Reduces costs in sales, products & service support, advertising
  • Facilitates efficient public relations
  • Provides customers and partners with complete and timely information about your company and your products
  • Increases your company’s rating
  • Establishes your business on the internet
  • Increases revenue
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Offers opportunities for bridging with new partners and customers
  • Expands the reach of your business area
  • Helps advertise your products and services
  • Provides prestige and credibility
  • Give you an international reputation


A website clearly plays a vital role in pursuing a company’s marketing goals. As it has already been mentioned, a website is both your “web-office” and a significant advantage on the market. It is up to you to decide whether your company needs a website that will bring success and confidence in the future.


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