Software for travel agency automation

Software for travel agency automation

December 21, 2016

Travel agency

The resource was created to enable the automation of travel agency services. The software searches travel destinations offered by major travel companies, accumulating, analysing and presenting the information as a unified resource for use by the agency. Users select a tour via a web portal. Company managers are given access to a tool for booking tours, registering applications and tracking money flows. A task creation system was developed for portal and travel agency personnel, with a calendar interface, providing notifications (SMS and email templates) to remind users of upcoming events.

The website contains general information about the hotels: comments of residents, descriptions of rooms. A special social network similar to VK for interaction between the users. The system supports Google Maps. A pop-up notification system is used.

Features of the resource

  • Online tour selection
  • Online booking service for tour operators
  • On-demand financial flow tracking system
  • Notification and targets system for managers
  • Automated email and SMS mail-outs
  • Updates to tour inventory
  • Resources containing information about individual countries, cities and hotels
  • Registration system for travel agencies and individual tourists
  • Print layout for printing of documents created online

The project consists of a primary gateway and a web portal for the end user. The primary gateway acts as the database and interface for the tour search functionality. This element enables:

  • Website visitors to search for up-to-date tours online
  • Agencies to book package tours
  • Access to information about various countries, resorts and currency exchange rates
  • Tracking of application status

The data is collected from the following travel agencies:

  • ANEX tour (two gateways)
  • Tez Tour
  • Coral Travel
  • PEGAS Touristik
  • Natalie Tours
  • Russkiy Express
  • Vedi Tour Group
  • Mouzenidis Travel
  • More Travel
  • Biblio Globus
  • DVM-Tour
  • Maldiviana
  • DSBW
  • PAKS
  • Amigo-Tours
  • TUI
  • Spasskie Vorota

A tour parsing service was developed. The module collects data about package tours from various operators, combines them in a single format and sends them to the primary gateway. The latter is developed using the ASP.NET MVC 4.0. platform, with MS SQL server functionality managing the database, drawing up a table of tours and indices by date. A sliding window script was used to enhance the speed of recording and displaying information.

The portal allows the end user to select tours filtered by:

  • Country and city of arrival and departure
  • Price, departure date and length of stay
  • Type and category of hotel and catering options
  • Insurance costs and visa fees

The results can be sorted by departure date, destination, duration of stay, catering options, accommodation and cost. Information about any package tour can be refreshed on request to ensure up-to-date information. The search form is developed on the ASP.NET MVC 4.0. platform. Portal operators send requests to travel agencies or process them independently. A user profile service for both travel agencies and users was created. Transactions can be processed by either travel agencies or private users. An ‘Ask a question’ button allows for communication between agency employees and portal staff.

The hotel information services includes:

  • General information (location, rooms, services) with photos
  • Visitor feedback
  • Editing of hotel descriptions by hotel management or portal staff