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Software Development

Software development

Software development is among our most important fields of activity. EDISON takes pride in the fact its customers come from a wide range of business sectors.


We develop projects of any complexity and provide a full range of services: from previewing, design and development to implementation and maintenance, including the provision of the required software with license agreements and head-end equipment. We always pay maximum attention to our customers’ wishes and requirements, to their comments and opinions. We hold consultations with our customers on the details of our joint projects from initial planning to final testing and ongoing support.

We consider the following to be important factors for successful software development:

  • An ability to openly discuss requirements;
  • The client having enough time to participate in the framework of the project;
  • Constant communication;
  • Understanding the benefit of preliminary projecting;
  • Solvency.



Software development

We pay a great deal of attention to software quality; producing uniquely designed products which come complete with detailed documentation. Our company also focuses on business-process automation based on commercial off-the-shelf product solutions as well as on developing customised automation system and database designs.

The main tools we use in software development include:

  • С++, С, GCC, Qt – Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • C#, .NET, COM
  • Delphi
  • Java
  • ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, AJAX
  • SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL

Software development

This is not a full list. Please, see the detailed list of key competencies and completed projects.


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