Site development on Joomla!

Site development on Joomla!

May 31, 2006


Furniture shop

Update of an online furniture shop.

  • Code optimisation and increase of operating speeds.
  • Organisation of data exchange on prices and number of products in accounting software.
  • Implementation of a component and module selection system for composite goods.
  • Update of the site style and appearance.
  • Promotion and search engine optimisation.
  • Writing texts, articles and product descriptions.
  • Technical server maintenance.

Mortgage service agency

Catalogue for apartments and houses

This project involved the development of an electronic web catalogue operating as an online shop. We also reengineered an older web application with a view to CMS integration. CMS was chosen by our client. The new site contains:

  • News
  • Interesting articles
  • Forum
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Mailing list
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Online inquiry form
  • Contact information
  • Real estate catalogue

Online catalogue providing a database for prospective buyers to look for accommodation of different kinds for sale on the market. The catalogue allows for the sorting of property by type, location, price bracket, size, availability, and many other factors, as well as several factors in combination.

The site also contains an FAQ section to cover common concerns of buyers, as well as a forum for discussion of the property market. Inquiries can be made directly through the site or the site can act as an intermediary between the agency or seller and the prospective buyer.

A musician and producer from Germany

Nadja Kossinskaja

A personal website for Nadja Kossinskaja was developed; complete with biography, discography and photo-gallery sections. There is a music player at the bottom of each webpage that allows visitors to listen to songs by the musician. The graphical image of Kossinskaja is made of many fine lines and reflects the artist's originality and youthfulness.

NadjaKossinskaja main page
NadjaKossinskaja photo
NadjaKossinskaja contact