Swimming pool attendance tracking

Swimming pool attendance tracking

April 21, 2013

Swimming pool

A subsystem assigns information about clients' swimming pool visits. The session data includes fields for combination of time, location, gym, coach and a number of additional characteristics.

Requirements specification

Accounting for provision of services.

01 HID card support functionality, allowing for visitor identification.
02 Information about visitors is stored in the Customer directory.
03 Information about locations is stored in the Subdivisions directory, which creates a hierarchical structure and allows for tracking of a given venue as well as cumulatively as an object of higher hierarchical status.
04 Each venue has a limit for simultaneous visitors.
05 Information about the attendance schedule for each venue is stored in the VenueSchedules directory. Schedule information is entered every month.
06 The SessionReservation document manages direct session reservations by customer. The document has two kinds of operation: EnterReservation and ReleaseReservation. When the document is activated the availability of free sessions is checked automatically. In the ReleaseReservation operation mode the table part of the document is automatically filled in with the customer's reservations.
07 Information about reserved sessions is stored in the ReservedSessions register.
08 Information about reservations is stored with regard to companies, customers, locations and sessions.
09 Session and location information is added to the table sections of the documents which directly implement service reservations for the purpose of further analysis of situations where the reservation was made but the service was not rendered.
10 Support for reports which show information about free sessions by location, as well as session no-shows.
11 Monitoring of paid and unpaid reservations.