Tyre calculation software

Tyre calculation software

October 14, 2009

Industrial transnational corporation

Software translation from English into Russian, including: interface, documentation and user manual. We received the software in the form of source code which was then finished off and translated. This software is designed for accounting and stocktaking: availability, supply, ageing/wear-and-tear, receipt of analytical reports.

Russia mainly experiences a highly continental climate, with cold winters and warm summers. Additionally, almost all climate types can be found across the country. Some people think that Russia is a fascinating place to live in simply due to the fact that you can see all the miracles of nature here, finding snowdrifts several metres deep to the north of the country while warm seas splash on the southern shores. The drawback to this is that people have to own several sets of clothes, from warm winter clothes to t-shirts and sandals. The same can be said for cars. Some drivers have three sets of tyres:

  • Studded tyres for the snow season, which can be short in some regions and prolonged in others
  • Between-season friction tyres for autumn, spring and off-road driving
  • Special ‘racing’ tyres for hot asphalt and flexible handling

The vast majority of cars have two ‘pairs of shoes’. Demand for rubber is quite high, surging in winter and spring, and so information technology becomes useful in helping to cope with seasonal demand.We developed a series of tyre calculators, whose main function is to quickly find the appropriate tyre for a specific car model from the product range that is in stock. This is perhaps why we were approached by the world's largest tyre manufacturer to translate its tyre accounting software solution into Russian, and not just ordinary car tyres but ones manufactured for vehicles of the greatest magnitude. Have you ever seen a 100-tonne truck? The cost of just one tyre is so high that each one must be accounted for individually. The software is packed with a range of features designed to allow forecourt monitoring, calculation of tyres wear-out and the requirements of the enterprise, and the timely ordering of new tyres. The software is given to customers of the industrial tyre manufacturer as a gift, tying them to the brand.