Video recording in a hospital operating room with the possibility of discussion on a forum

Video recording in a hospital operating room with the possibility of discussion on a forum

January 25, 2014


Video monitoring in a hospital operating room can be carried out with the help of a software package. The video monitoring can be in constant operation, or can be turned on directly during surgery by a doctor via a foot-operated switch. Recordings of surgeries are stored on a video server, then catalogued and written up. Hospital personnel can watch any of the videos through the hospital network and discuss it on a forum via tablet computers.


  • Head doctor can check on subordinates
  • Decrease of fatalities during surgery
  • Increased level of responsibility in operating room
  • Exchange of experience for specialists and scientific research work
  • Using the best examples of work from specialists in training of interns
  • Possibility of recording complex and unusual cases
  • Group discussions (with the board of doctors) for severe cases
  • Service provided as an additional paid option for wealthy clients

The server runs Windows with a WCF service which allows for client applications to establish connection. The server includes the following features:

  • Accessing the service through a specific user account
  • Limiting server access based on network hardware used to access the server: through LAN, VPN, Intranet etc.
  • Connecting cameras to the server through DirectShow interface
  • Capturing, compressing and storing video and audio files in real time
  • H.264 and MPEG2 video codec support
  • OGG Vorbis, MP3 and AAC audio codec support
  • Overlaying the video footage with text and watermarks
  • Hardware USB-controller support (start/stop button) with status indicator for controlling recording
  • Client authorization
  • Inclusion of API for controlling capture, managing settings and integration with 1C and other external systems
  • Saving the captured video to a local hard drive or an SMB/FTP resource
  • Protection of hardware from unauthorized copying

The client is a web application written using ASP.NET MVC technology, equipped with a user interface for communication with the server. The client side is offered as a web application, thanks to the simplicity of setting roles, access rights differentiation and further extension. The client interface includes the following features:

  • Searching a network of available servers
  • Connection to a server service
  • Accessing and editing server settings and audio-video capture settings
  • Setting up the server application for capture
  • Capture startup and shut-off
  • Watching the captured video: fully, partially or viewing a static frame
  • Forum access