West-African Lottery Groupe logo and website

West-African Lottery Groupe logo and website

August 22, 2015

Design #1

This concept is based on the wide popularity of amulets and talismans among African tribes. Since ancient times the use of a lizard's tail as an amulet has been considered to bring success and luck to its owner. We have therefore chosen this image as the basis of the logo and arranged it in a circular pattern. In the centre of the circle a guardian is depicted, offering protection and giving confidence. In gambling and lottery games, no victory is possible without a belief in the power of luck, which is why the presence of a talisman is appropriate here. The logo is a combination mark; it consists of the logo icon and a word mark, meaning that the layout can be displayed both horizontally (as in the draft) and vertically.

WALG logo version 1

Design #2

The second option is a word mark where the letters are built into a totem. In the language of the tribe, a totem either signifies the name of the tribe or functions as its coat of arms. The letters are designed in increasing size, just as the stakes which get higher and higher each time.

WALG logo version 2

Design #3

This logo design is inspired by African drawings. ‘W’ – the first letter of the name – stands in the middle of a circle representing the sun, with the balls surrounding it representing sunbeams, twirling around the sun and falling out one by one just like winning lotto numbers. Both vertical and horizontal orientations are possible. The symbol itself can be used separately as a favicon/icon.

WALG logo version 3
WALG logo on materials
WALG logo color version 1

African gambling company

Site for West-African Lottery Groupe

WALG is one of the first African companies to enable participation in lotteries, gambling in casinos and the placing of bets on sporting fixtures online and via SMS. An original design and a showcase website were developed. The main page displays the logos of the company's gambling sites. When the cursor is used to hover over a logo a description of the resource appears in a pop-up window. Information about WALG is also provided, with the option to make a suggestion or ask a question.

WALG main page
WALG monitor view