BookFlow – electronic library creation

BookFlow – electronic library creation

April 14, 2009


01 BookFlow is intended as a unit for automating control over the flow of documents in an electronic library. It enables monitoring of deadlines for document processing and filing as they come into the organisation.
02 The system is used by the staff of the organisation.
03 Access is granted through a web interface.
04 BookFlow's interface is simple, which makes working with it much easier.
05 Every department has its own node.
06 The structure of nodes is modelled on the organisational structure of the company.
07 The user selects the destination node for the document, and also a node where a document has to be received from.
08 Every node contains information about the number of documents.
09 Document transfers are displayed in a table.
10 If there is a reading error (for example if the barcode could not be read), one will hear a beep.
11 The return of books is organised though a pop-up window, which prevents accidental usage of this option.
12 The system is administrated by editing the data file and synchronising it with the database.

Integration with the Vivaldi electronic library network

The specialised program system is integrated with Vivaldi. Details about the modules can be provided on request.


The price of BookFlow consists of two parts:

  • The price of the basic platform
  • The cost of individual redesign of the platform, depending on the complexity