A business case: raising efficiency levels at work

A business case: raising efficiency levels at work

May 19, 2009

EDISON Software Development Centre employs an internal system of project management. Thanks to convenient reports, which allow us to assess how effectively each employee is using his or her working hours, we have been able to raise the productivity of the company as a whole.

Big Brother, working time accounting system for companies

The following three principles facilitate effective management and help monitor and control task execution.

01 Сhecklist We replaced oral tasking with written task requests within the project management system. To improve the transparency of all employee activities and achieve results on time, each participant involved in the development process formulates his or her own tasks, instructions, resolutions, answers, thoughts and refusals in writing.
02 Сlock 12-20 EDISON specialists are required to keep track of time hourly, showing how many hours were spent on completing each task. At the end of the month, the project manager analyses individual employee reports. This helps us conduct more precise assessments and makes it easier to plan periods of leave, organise staff workloads, allocate bonuses appropriately and monitor the progress of our projects to avoid unnecessary delays. Now a group of team leaders or managers (including those of the client) can control the development process.
03 Spy in window EDISON employs open internet traffic, screen shots, running applications analysis. We believe that company employees should spend their office hours working on the tasks assigned to them. Leisure time and weekends are for relaxation and entertainment. For this reason, all sites which have nothing to do with our work at EDISON are automatically blocked by our proxy-server.