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Business development director wanted

April 24, 2015

Business development director wanted


EDISON Software Development Centre is a well-established Russian company, which has created customised software for corporate clients and start-ups for over 10 years.

Due to the weakened rouble, companies in Europe, Australia and the United States are showing greater interest in outsourcing their software development to Russia. In recent years, while the rouble exchange rate to western currencies was quite high, in terms of profit, it was more efficient to import software development services from countries in Asia – primarily from India, where the standard of living – and therefore the cost of services – is much lower. But the current economic situation means that it is becoming advantageous to form partnerships with Russia again, even if Russia’s prices are the same or slightly higher than in India, as Russia has a high standard of engineering education and very highly qualified programmers, as their recent successes in prestigious international Olympiads and academic championships affirms.

In light of this, we are looking for a partner to manage the sale of our company’s services in the United States (particularly New York and San Francisco), Great Britain (London), Germany (Berlin) and Australia. Fluent Russian is an advantage. We will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you, and address any queries that you may have.