Choosing the right outsourcing strategy: company or freelancer?

Choosing the right outsourcing strategy: company or freelancer?

May 21, 2010

When you are looking for a software developer, the first question you have to answer is: “Who's the best choice: an outsourcing company or a freelancer?”. Outsourcing itself has one major advantage – it's cheap. Clients who have little experience on the outsourcing market tend to employ the services of freelancers because they offer lower prices. However, these clients are often left disappointed. So what should an outsourcer bear in mind when deciding on the right outsourcing provider?

Project management

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Coordinating the work of one freelancer is easy enough, but when dealing with two or more, synchronising work, monitoring separate tasks and combining results becomes complicated and time-consuming. In contrast to this, EDISON Software Development Centre provides a project manager for each development team who is in charge of coordinating development work in a professional manner, defining and meeting deadlines, budgeting, and other important project tasks. This guarantees our clients a quality end result.

EDISON has an established working process, which includes regular software releases and updates for clients to check and review. This approach aims of clarify requirements to further improvement the quality of any given product. If the alpha version of a software product is not frequently checked then the end result may not live up to expectations. This is often the case when clients work with freelancers. The EDISON approach means that with each alpha version release the client has the opportunity to alter the direction in which the development is going, thus greatly increasing the chances of achieving precisely what is needed.

Full cycle software development services

Development phase

Freelancers usually offer one type of services, such as software or web-development. They often lack the appropriate skills to work as a business or systems analyst and so are unable to gather the necessary requirements from the client and create a proper project specification. Clarifying additional requirements is an essential stage for projects that imply intensive teamwork for one or two months. If a freelancer does not provide a proper project specification then those working on the software development will not gain a full understanding of the client's needs and this will lead to a great deal of time being wasted on redesigning the product. EDISON provides requirement-specification services and can develop a technical design specification if you do not already have one.

As a rule, freelancers do not possess adequate software-testing skills. Furthermore, if just one person is responsible for developing, testing and providing documentation for a particular software product then the end result is bound to suffer. EDISON provides software-testing services by employing skilled testers who specialise in this very type of service.

If you wish to set up your own IT infrastructure or remote server, you will need to hire an independent systems administrator due to the fact that most freelance software developers have very little knowledge in this field. EDISON provides several hours of systems-administration services from a qualified systems administrator.

Unlike freelancers, EDISON provides a wide range of IT-services, which clients can benefit from.

01 Team and house The development team is located in one place All EDISON specialists are located in the same place and can communicate with one another easily. Their work is carefully monitored by a project manager so there is no need to coordinate and synchronise the work of a geographically-distributed team of freelancers using various methods and automated tools. EDISON has a solid software and hardware infrastructure which freelancers usually lack as they work on call, from home or elsewhere.
02 Medal with clock Fewer risks When working on long-term projects, you may run into serious difficulties if a freelancer abandons a project due to personal problems. Such unforeseen circumstances can significantly affect your project deadlines. EDISON is dependable and guarantees projects are completed on time. If a specialist must take compassionate leave from work due to personal problems, we provide an immediate replacement at our own expense to avoid any inconvenience to our clients.
03 Professor Availability of professional consultants A freelancer may lack the skills and experience necessary to solve complex problems. EDISON employs experts in a wide range of technologies who are always available to assist the development team when tackling difficult problems.
04 Copyright Legal issues With EDISON you are fully protected against intellectual property theft.
05 Technical support Long-term technical support After you have finished developing the first release of your product with a freelancer, it is likely that you will receive very little in the way of support from him or her in the long-run. As a result, the client must spend a great deal of time looking for a new freelancer and bringing him or her up-to-speed with the current software or project work. There is also a risk that the new freelancer will refuse to work on your project. This may happen if it is impossible to continue project work due to the fact that dissimilar codes have been used (which require different methods of programming) or if codes were incorrectly used by the initial developers. In contrast, companies like EDISON provide long-term support for the projects they implement.
06 Swiss knife Higher potential for expanding development EDISON offers a much wider range of supported technologies, programming languages and services. We make it easy for our clients to add new technology to their projects. When working with a freelancer, you will need to find additional freelance specialists every time you want to use a new technology. Unlike a freelancer, EDISON provides a wide range of services: business/systems analysis, software development, testing, QA, project management, and systems administration.
07 Dollar Cost Of course, EDISON offers services at higher rates than individual freelancers, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to save money by handling your project yourself (at your own risk) or whether you would prefer to let qualified professionals take care of it for you.
08 Part of diagramm on board Conclusion Only choose a freelancer if you are going to implement a simple, small-scale project.