Content aggregator for boosting sales

Content aggregator for boosting sales

July 9, 2015

Large companies win serious contracts by taking part in a range of tender processes run by both the state and the private sector. Their primary “habitat” is undoubtedly the Internet.

To save time and foster a more efficient search process for locating interesting and profitable projects on the market, EDISON has developed a piece of software which uses filtering and data gathering instruments to track down information resources, details of new bidding processes and other potentially useful information. The sooner a company acquires the relevant information about a tender process, the bigger its chances of winning it, having the time to get substantially prepared from a technical point of view and collecting the necessary documentation package for registration. The program functions automatically and doesn't require constant monitoring, meaning that expenses on analytics can be significantly cut down.

The main lines of inquiry for tenders are various search engines, information parsers, ETPs (Electronic Trading Platforms) and the websites of large, reputable companies. When choosing a tender, a potential competitor must take into consideration its own capabilities, the state of settings and filters, the accuracy of a tender documentation and reliability of information about the bidding process as well as the likelihood of receiving new direct offers in the near future.

Usually one has to address the following problems while searching for projects.

01 Wide scatter of companies operating tenders.
02 Repetition of the same information on different sites.
03 Complexity of analysis and comparisons of available tenders.
04 Inability to filter the search query by offers.
05 Risk of missing changes affecting the tender.
06 Difficulty in managing submitted applications.

Advantages of the content aggregator developed by EDISON are a high processing speed, completeness of data acquired and the possibility of filtering incoming data. Necessary information relating to tenders is received within a set time interval and according to a chosen template, and is then sorted and analysed depending on the chosen filter before being delivered to the user in a convenient format.

The search server addresses the following tasks.

01 Convenient search filtering by region and city, sorting by companies' activities distinct from their location.
02 Possibility of enhanced search and specification of search query within the required sphere of business.
03 Monitoring of ongoing situations in particular bidding processes, such as opening dates for new bids and deadlines for submission of applications.
04 Possibility of analysing one's own applications and participation in tenders.
05 Convenient electronic format of the system, displaying all information about tenders in an intelligible format and in a suitable place for the client.
06 Regular information updates with client instructions relating to new bids.
07 Legal and financial help, assistance in collecting and submitting documentation.

A content aggregator making use of the Internet significantly relieves a company's analytics department employees of daily, monotonous work. More time and energy is left for the creative aspect of the task; finding original sales mechanisms, reading professional literature, getting to know new clients better and keeping in touch with regular ones. The latter definitely raises the quality of business communication and the number of contracts signed.