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Creation of a corporate electronic library using the Vivaldi electronic library system

February 1, 2008

Creation of a corporate electronic library using the Vivaldi electronic library system


Icon EDISON Software Development Centre has finished the first stage of development of a corporate electronic library. Such products are often called electronic library systems or ELS. The importance and significance of this project is undeniable and is due to readers’ demands for electronic materials. Displaying library resources online makes them accessible to a wide range of readers. In addition, access rights can be managed by creating specific groups of users and special collections.


Any internet user can view the index and the content of the library remotely. At the same time this service creates a more comfortable environment in physical libraries, as the number of people visiting their reading room is decreasing. ELS is also making the work of librarians easier.


The idea of an electronic library system is not unique. Before setting about the development of this system we researched this market segment. Our study showed that even though there seems to be a variety of products, most of them do not meet users’ requirements, or are unjustifiably expensive. Therefore, it was necessary to create affordable software with the right set of functions. EDISON’s developers are always ready to widen and enhance the functionality of its libraries to cater for the client’s needs.


The newly created software for the corporate electronic library system was named the Vivaldi Electronic Library Network and should find a niche not only in academia, but also in business.


The system can be used in commercial organisations and industrial enterprises, offering a number of functions useful both to management and executives alike. Thus, while broadcasting important and urgent information to employees, one can view and monitor who has actually read the information. All documents intended for group work can be stored on a corporate server without having to take up space on hard drives. Thus, employees can work on certain tasks even outside of working hours, from any computer or mobile device. In this case data safety and integrity is guaranteed by accessing the material via a secure document server.


For companies that have offices in other cities or countries, the corporate library system will ensure that they receive information instantly. When the need for professional development of staff arises, Vivaldi can help organise distance learning for them.


The network developers understand clients’ urgency. That is why installation and launch will not take more than one working day. When companies do not have a great server capacity a cloud can be used. It is also important for Vivaldi to withstand high load.


Download “Vivaldi International”.

Download “Flexibility of Vivaldi”.

Download presentation of Vivaldi.