Development of a streaming system for video and promotional content

Development of a streaming system for video and promotional content

June 5, 2015

A platform for streaming videos and promotional content was developed at EDISON Software Development Centre to avoid a loss in quality of the displayed image or reduced impact of the content's message, as well as to provide for simultaneous transmission of information to multiple geographical locations.

A tablet can act as a full replacement for a desktop computer today. The only disadvantage of the tablet is that its display is too small for presenting data to a large audience. This can nonetheless be overcome easily by connecting it to a monitor or an overhead projector via a standard cable. The image is displayed on a big screen and the speaker can navigate the display from a handheld computer.

Software features

Let's consider the option of distance video streaming to several destinations simultaneously.

Too often a decision made by company management is handed down to employees in a rather convoluted way: the more links in a chain of information transfer, the greater the probability of its misinterpretation. Software for video streaming allows for real time image transfer. For instance, a board meeting taking place in New York can be broadcast to any company branch office in any other city. This mitigates possible distortions of meaning of a message, instruction or order from top-level management, contributing to the efficiency of the management of the company.

When it is necessary to transmit visual information simultaneously to several addressees which are situated in different cities or even countries, a program for video streaming is extremely useful. Video can be instantaneously delivered to multiple contractors via tablets running Android or iOS with the relevant software installed, streaming when plugged into a television or a projector. It therefore presents a highly convenient method of introducing a new product or service to the target audience, sharing professionally useful information with colleagues who may be widely geographically dispersed.

While in operation the software requests information updates from the server and displays the information on the large screen, or screens, when needed. In such a way the company's news, promotions for new services and special offers can be transferred without the risk of distortions in information and with minimal employee input. Updating the information on the server allows for the information to be updated on all the other screens to which it is streamed.

Our clients

Video streaming

The video streaming software will be of great value first and foremost to organisations working with large portfolios of clients (banks, consulting and insurance companies). If the software is required for high-quality presentations of services, a tablet with the software installed will suffice to navigate the presentation. Lower screen sizes are not an obstacle here, as the product's technical requirements are minimal.

Those using this system can offer their employees and clients the most up-to-date information about currency exchange rates, petrol prices, services and customer programmes and inform them about the news and special offers, all with the help of an affordable device which is easy to carry and use.

The program is tailor-made for streaming commercials. A bank or an insurance company can send promotional videos to all their offices and subdivisions simultaneously without the need to update the content themselves: it is updated automatically at a specified time.

Managing accounts, checking users' statuses and accessing upgrades can be done on a special website.

Why are we confident in the results?

EDISON Software Development Centre has been creating software using web technologies for over a decade. Even now, video streaming software is already being deployed and used on a regular basis in a number of organisations.