We deploy antivirus protection

We deploy antivirus protection

September 30, 2008

Without adequate antivirus software it is impossible to guarantee data is protected and ensure the stable operation of computers and networks. Antivirus systems provide protection from malicious software, spam, intrusions and hacker attacks. Modern antivirus packages contain some means of constant monitoring as well as a files and connections scanner. Some of them also include anti-spam and anti-hacker modules, protection from unwanted adverts and rootkit-detection modules.

There are several technologies used in antivirus protection:

01 Signature method of detection: while scanning the file or package, the antivirus system consults a directory of viruses known to the creators of the program. If it matches this or that part of a code to that of a known virus signature then a warning message appears offering the following options: delete, block file execution, or attempt to recover the file by removing the virus.
02 Proactive technology is intended to prevent the system from getting infected, instead of searching for known malicious software.
03 Combined packages use both proactive and signature methods of protection.

Software packages developed and supplied by EDISON come complete with full antivirus protection. We offer antivirus products from leading manufacturers so our systems are safely protected from malicious software.

In addition, EDISON Software Development Centre offers comprehensive cutting-edge solutions for antivirus protection at the enterprise level: from workstations to server protection; including mail servers.