Have you decided to join EDISON?

Have you decided to join EDISON?

October 8, 2012

When hiring new developers, we select the best, most responsible, goal-oriented candidates. EDISON cooperates both with experienced programmers and with promising university graduates who are eager to learn and grow as specialists. Besides the corresponding qualifications, we have several other requirements of those wishing to join our professional team.

Our HR specialist considers all of the following:

  • Detailed resume, mentioning: age, employment history, current and previous cities of residence, availability for relocation and full time employment
  • General communicative manner and ability to convey ideas
  • Cover letter with the vacancy clearly stated
  • Correctly filled out forms
  • Direct and honest answers to the given questions
An exclamation mark

The motivation behind your change of workplace is very important. You should ensure that you have sound reasons for leaving your current position and that you will not encounter the same problems or dissatisfaction at EDISON. It is unwise to change positions simply due to fatigue or the fact a close colleague has left your team. Take a break and make friends with other employees.

Due to the fact that we collaborate on projects requiring a high level responsibility, new employees are expected to play and active role on the common work of the company. A frequent change of workplace can temporarily improve financial conditions, but subsequently lowers the overall “market value” of the specialist.

You should not apply for a position at EDISON in the following cases.

EDISON You have not yet made up your mind to leave your current position and join EDISON Software Development Centre.
man and cross mark in head You have not given your current employer appropriate advanced notice of your intention to leave and have not yet found a suitable person to replace you.
Man and dollar in head You are considering a new workplace with the sole aim of increasing your salary, but care little about the job itself.
Сhecklist pad with one finished item You do not intend to properly complete all of the important tasks currently assigned to you.
Two weeks calendar You think that two weeks is enough time to leave your company and hand over your responsibilities to someone else.
Job changing You have already changed jobs at least once in the last 6 months.
Man and blot in head You have problems adapting to new workplaces and their organisational structure.

Once you have completed our challenging test and have been invited for an interview, please, remember the following.

  • An interview is a way of getting information about the professional qualities of the candidate and the working conditions offered by the employer.
  • You should neither embellish nor belittle your achievements.
  • Choosing a new position should be a well-considered step and not an impulsive move.