How does an engineer acquire the necessary experience?

How does an engineer acquire the necessary experience?

March 6, 2013

When evaluating the qualifications of a programmer, the first thing to consider is his or her experience. This is of primary importance. To become a highly paid specialist, one has to acquire a higher education in the necessary field and apply the knowledge received at university to solve some practical tasks. Then the specialist would do well to spend several years using and mastering the latest development technologies. Global practice shows that on average it takes about five years to turn a university graduate into an experienced engineer. During this period, the budding developer will perfect the following skills and qualities.

01 Сircles 90-10 Increasing the productivity of one's work The main quality that distinguishes an experienced programmer from a beginner is working efficiency. In the sphere of software development, the working efficiency of different people can vary greatly; some programmers can be ten times more efficient than others. The science of project management claims that 90% of work is done by 10% of engineers.
02 Team Learning to work in a team It takes the well-coordinated work of several specialists to create a quality software product. Otherwise, the total running time will make the product uncompetitive.
03 Qualification growing Upgrading his or her skills Working with different technologies, solving original tasks and cooperating with specialists from other fields will provide the necessary experience.
04 Сhecklist pad Learning to be disciplined and responsible Software development requires concentration, precision and the ability to carry projects through to completion.
05 Student Studying English The quality of task performance depends on the ability to understand English documentation, and in the long run, one has to be able to understand foreign clients.

Highly skilled engineers form the backbone of EDISON Software Development Centre and represent our most important resource. Most of our staff joined the company just after graduation and have been growing and developing together EDISON since then. We offer graduates (and in some individual cases even students) the opportunity to work as a trainee and take part in commercial projects, while we follow their aspirations and hunger for further study and growth in the sphere of information technologies.

As skills and qualifications improve, the level of involvement and responsibility grows, as does the salary. A trainee must prove his reliability in practice and show that he is worthy of the trust placed in the company by its clients.