In-company English training

In-company English training

May 29, 2012

EDISON Software Development Centre places great value on its young and talented employees. The personal and professional development of software engineers and project managers is one of the founding principles of our human resources policy. EDISON's management team actively supports this strategy by facilitating access to resources and training. We encourage all our employees to strive for improvement and show initiative in all areas.

One example of this strategy in practice is EDISON's commitment to in-company English training for its employees. Knowledge of English is essential to our business as we look to expand further into foreign markets.

Our project managers, who liaise with foreign clients, must complete a comprehensive multi-level English course. The first stage involves self-study with the help of textbooks – primarily focusing on establishing a sound grammatical foundation, expanding active vocabulary and providing practice through test exercises. Stage two forms the core of the course and involves a longer study period of individual online lessons with a native speaker of English.

Software developers at EDISON are also provided with group classes. Students are divided into two study groups depending on their level of English.