New flexible working hours

New flexible working hours

October 23, 2015

Our company has had flexible working hours for several years now, with a compulsory eight-hour working day; each employee can choose when to start their working day and when to have lunch. Beginning 19 October 2015, this schedule became even more flexible.

The new system, which is now being implemented in test mode, set out a compulsory 40-hour working week. The working day can last from four to ten hours. Our employees can now take any week day as holiday and come to the office on Saturday or Sunday instead. The only condition is that working time must be coordinated with the relevant project manager.

Big Brother, working time accounting system for companies

Every person is unique and everyone has their own biorhythms. Some people work better in the morning, and others are more effective later in the evening. Our colleagues also have their personal lives and certain things can only be done on weekdays, for instance, where there is a need to be present during the working hours of public institutions. All of these considerations have prompted us to try this experiment. At the same time, employees who cannot and do not wish to comply with the new method are permitted to work on the old terms. That is to say, we have full freedom of choice.