Electronic communication and opportunities for remote work

Electronic communication and opportunities for remote work

November 17, 2011

Electronic means of communication have changed the world. The option of remote cooperation in present-day business is one of the main cost-cutting strategies available to us. Electronic means of communication erase distance, save time when resolving a wide range of issues, and contribute to the development of constructive dialogue. Thus, projects can be completed faster and at a lower cost. This new form of communication does away with time-wasting face-to-face appointments on insignificant issues.

EDISON receives dozens of queries every day, and our project managers understand the need for a face-to-face meeting following our initial agreement on key aspects of cooperation with the potential client. As a rule, this happens only after a requirements specification has been developed and the paid design stage has been completed. After this, we ask our client to appoint a manager from their own company to be personally responsible for all dimensions of the project. It is also advisable to appoint a technical specialist, who will work as part of our team and assimilate any accumulated knowledge.

When cooperating remotely the need for a business trip may arise, for example, when deploying the final release of a product. However, we do try to keep the number of business trips to a minimum and conduct all of our business remotely with a significant portion of our clients.

EDISON's offices work to a strict and organised schedule: our teams are online throughout the working day and always answer electronic messages in a prompt manner. If an engineer, for reasons beyond his control, cannot offer a full and satisfactory answer immediately, he will inform the inquirer about the reason for any delay and set a time when he will be able to provide the required information.

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The remote cooperation model described above helps reduce distance, economise on resources and successfully bring interesting ideas to fruition.