Recording working time when using a flexible schedule

Recording working time when using a flexible schedule

March 18, 2013

A new time and attendance application called “Big Brother” has been released by EDISON Software Development Centre. EDISON's highly qualified staff represent the company's most important resource and team members work together to achieve maximum efficiency.

Everybody has their own unique biorhythm. Using a fixed work schedule for all employees can interfere with the quality of the duties they perform. Everyone knows when their concentration levels are at their peak. “Big Brother” makes it possible to record exact working times for company staff when using a flexible schedule.

The time and attendance system is a piece of software that makes it possible to record the start and end point of a work session and the user's activity. The system supports local storage and subsequent transmission if there is a temporary communications error with the server. Information is saved in a secure format with no editing options.

The system relies on company staff clocking in and out upon arrival and departure from the workplace. Work stations can only be accessed using a personal smart-card that is given to every company employee.

The data received is then processed and each employee is assessed in terms of: planned working time (8 hours), overtime, and meal break. All of this information is arranged in data tables. If there are deviations from the specified order of work time recording, a warning message is displayed in a separate part of the table.

Big Brother, working time accounting system for companies

If the need for a general meeting arises, participants can set a time in advance and alter their work schedule for the day accordingly. Therefore, the working process does not suffer as a result of a team member's absence. Moreover, everyone comes to the office in high spirits and takes pleasure in their work!