Ten pros of EDISON programmers

Ten pros of EDISON programmers

October 25, 2018

“I wrote this testimonial not because I like EDISON but because I want your projects to run and to work.”

Nikolay Vavilov, South China Insight News
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I have experience of working with three programmers; the third one was from EDISON. The first one has been developing the website for half a year and hasn't done a thing, nearly killing the project; the second one dropped the task halfway though and slammed the door. I know what bad programmers are. And now I know what good programmers are. They are EDISON programmers.

01 Working to the deadline You have heard about projects taking half a year. Here the work is always done on time. As it was agreed so it is done, exactly to the date and exactly on time.
02 Working on credit We pay from China, and it doesn't always work instantaneously. We don't just get discounts but they are always patient while we are sorting out our financial mess, something which can take several days. You don't believe it, do you? I doubted that it was possible myself but such is the trusting relationship that we have acquired.
03 Advice I am not a computer genius even though I did create my first webpage in HTML 15 years ago. I have only a superficial knowledge of how to program and know even less about making a website more user-friendly. EDISON's programmers offer solutions. The first two only suggested how to work longer and do less.
04 Concessions Time and again the cost of work was recalculated in my favour.
05 They can do everything Just like the marines, they complete difficult tasks immediately and impossible ones after a short while. They have managed everything so far, unlike some others...
06 They do it cheaper They always include the task uncertainty coefficient into the estimation. In the end it is ALWAYS cheaper.
07 They work to the same time zone as you The programmer geographically closest to you will be chosen for a given task. It would otherwise be an issue for us in China as there is a five-hour time difference with Moscow.
08 They cut out of the weak links A while back they gave us a new programmer because of our delay in the formulation of the task. The new programmer botched the job and doesn't work on our project anymore.
09 Communication I don't want to say commonplace phrases about good relationships and communication, attempting to spoon-feed everything and so on. But I want to say a special thanks to our project manager. Without communication there can be no efficient work.
10 Managing the project Yes, they also fill in the tasks in their task tracker instead of us. It is always pleasant when somebody takes care of something for you.

I recommend EDISON to all my friends. Half of them say “no way, that's too expensive,” but later on their programmer leaves them halfway through a project, or fudges it and creates something that they can't show to anybody.