Website layout and design development contests

Website layout and design development contests

July 1, 2009

Do we take part in layout and design development contests? It is important to define exactly what such contests entail. There are three stages in the implementation of a creative project: concept creation, market research, and project implementation.

Before starting on the job, the concept needs to be generated and a task must be compiled, offering a clear outline of the result, the scope of work and the client–contractor relationship. In our view, it is necessary to conduct an expert market environment analysis including data collection, study of the competition and market research. A layout is developed on the basis of those before being submitted for the client's approval. Corrections and improvements are made at a later stage. The final stage is the implementation of the approved project.

Concept creation, data analysis and project development require significant intellectual labour, while project implementation means bringing in specialists and is a time-consuming process. The first three stages form the development of an action plan, which is then implemented during the fourth stage. Many companies make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the intellectual aspect of design work, or else copy the works and ideas of others.

It is pointless to hold tenders requiring the participants to produce various drawings attached to their brand name before work has even started, and to expect them to do it quickly and for free. In such cases, the client will receive a set of drawings without any meaningful message and which are unable to attract customers. Our team's ability to draw can be confirmed by simply browsing through our portfolio or looking at our website.

What is much more difficult to ascertain is whether the contractor's employees can think for themselves, or if they simply prefer to use the quick and easy route of plagiarism. Thus, the key element of a design project is a solid theoretical grounding. Tenders should be conducted on the basis of finding companies which are able to foster such a grounding.

Our company specialists pay great attention when considering a project's concept, so that its design may become an essential tool for your business and its competitive advantage.

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This explains why our designer team doesn't take part in tenders that require participants to produce designs or project concepts. We believe that this should be a paid job.

If you want to be sure of our ability to conceptualise, you can simply arrange a meeting with us. We will then be able to demonstrate our ability to grasp goals, offer advice, generate lots of ideas, and then plan and implement a project.