Website redesign is an important investment in business modernization

Website redesign is an important investment in business modernization

September 22, 2014

Selling goods on an online store, and offering services thought social networks, are both facilitated by website development and redesign. It is not enough to develop a web application and forget about it for a few years. A website should ‘live’ – that is, to be updated and enriched, gradually gaining momentum by attracting more web traffic. A website should be modernized in the following cases.

01 The unscrupulous or unprofessional work of its developers is apparent.
02 There is a need to widen its functionality or delete certain previously used options.
03 Existing mobile applications are outdated.
04 There is a change of business model at the organization itself.
05 There is an arrival of additional goods, services, and special features.
06 The need arises to change navigation.

Website redesign is not limited to changing the site's appearance or adding content. In most cases, the program errors are responsible for hindering the site's qualitative progress. Source code validation is a crucial step on the way to a convenient and correct product.

Involvement of specialists on a time-rate basis

Clients representing the government ask for a fixed-price assessment for a redesign project, since it is more important for them to follow the complicated system of budgeting and expenditure. Commercial companies are more flexible in choosing a payment scheme, but they always look for the cheapest contract. They are prepared to pay only for a profitable yield.

That is why we have created a time-rate payment scheme for redesign services. A time-rate, tracked in a special web application, helps guarantee the efficiency of the programmers' work.

This approach has a number of advantages:

01 Clock The hourly wage is set beforehand.
02 Numbered stages The work of the team can be controlled at all stages up until the project's completion.
03 Clock and dollar The money spent covers only the cost of the task – nothing more.

Working with EDISON Software Development Centre requires an up-front payment for the first month of our team's work. However, one can test the scheme by paying for only 40 hours (one full working week) of the specialist's employment. The task's completion is managed via the use of the ‘Big Brother’ daily performance record program. The client gets access to the source code repository and bug tracker. Remote work saves time on travel and also frees the client from the obligation to provide an additional workspace in his organization's office.