Corporate sites on WordPress

Corporate sites on WordPress

February 15, 2012


Presentation web site for printing company

AlfaPrint makes advertising materials, business-souvenirs and provides a wide range of printing services. The company's presentation website is client-oriented and designed in the proper corporate style. The website provides detailed descriptions of services and includes videos about the production process, a portfolio and a list of regular clients. The design of the website itself includes images of company products.


Computer shop chain

Computer Systems

They approached us with the idea of modernising the design of the site. The new design was created using the company's corporate colours of yellow and blue. The main design concept was to use a bright colour scheme, high-definition retouched office photographs, original products and attractive prices. The company director's signature appears in the lower half of the homepage as a symbol of personal responsibility for product quality and company reliability.

Computer shop chain

Monitor Electric

Corporate website

The development of the website started from the creation and approval of its key concept. By the time work commenced, the client already had a number of formal requirements regarding the appearance of the site and its various elements, and these had to be taken into consideration. There was also a great deal of product documentation to be used. We successfully managed to maintain an official corporate style throughout the website, in line with the client's wishes.

Monitor Electric corporate website
Monitor Electric corporate website map
Monitor Electric corporate website consultations


Website for a manufacturing and trading company

House style and prospectus designed for a metal delivery and metalworking company. A site containing a product catalogue with photographs has been built.

Kemerovo Service site
Kemerovo Service notebook
Kemerovo Service booklet


Redesigned website for car company

We thought outside the box when creating the new design for this site; using large retouched photographs of cars and a set of well-balanced web elements. The combination of these elements provides a rich but austere style, while the menu remains simple and user-friendly.

Lecxmotors KIA CEED
Lecxmotors Hundai Getz