Crowdsourcing platform for goods and services promotion

Crowdsourcing platform for goods and services promotion

February 11, 2015

International agency network

The crowdsourcing platform consists of a central server, a database, administrative application and a mobile application. This technology platform was developed for setting tasks, distributing them among various agents registered to a given network, monitoring their fulfilment, paying for their completion and receiving analytical statistics.

Every agent undergoes a careful selection process and is examined through several practical tasks. The agents are offered the possibility to earn money by working part-time or full-time. Push notifications are sent to the agents, reminding them to complete the tasks. The network offers the following features to clients:

  • Low-cost creation of a network of agents
  • Sales promotions for goods and services
  • Auditing process
  • Secret checkups
  • Research of industry competitors
  • Testing of product lines
  • Sociological opinion polls
  • Gathering factual information (photos, audio, documents etc.)

The key element of the system is the task:

  • The first step is to develop the task
  • The task is connected to a general promotion
  • Where relevant, the product to be ordered is specified
  • The cost of the task, which will be used to calculate the agents' fee, is determined
  • The volume of product order required for the task to be considered accomplished is determined
  • Other conditions for task fulfilment are determined
  • A list of outlets is given

Once the task is created it becomes available to the agents in the sales outlets taking part in the event:

  • The task undergoes moderation
  • The agent then receives a notification that a task has appeared at the outlet
  • The agent accepts the task and starts to work on it
  • When finished, the agent sends a report which could contain document scans, tests, photos, video and audio
  • The report on the task's completion undergoes moderation
  • If the task is not completed correctly, the agent's rating falls
  • The system creates a report

When a moderator receives a report on a completed task, the fee set according to the rules for the particular promotion is transferred to the agent's virtual account. An agent can view the history of payments and completed tasks in a mobile application. The users of this system can transfer the money to a bank card or digital wallet at any time.