Development of programs in C and C++

Development of programs in C and C++

May 29, 2017

Yi Jing

Divination (relating to the Book of Changes)

Yi Jing's cross-platform Qt application for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS in C++ refers to the philosophical Book of Changes for divination.

Based on the user's request, a hexagram is formed and a translation from the Chinese text excerpt from the book corresponding to the hexagram is issued. Each hexagram expresses a particular life situation from the point of view of its gradual development. The hexagram can be selected manually. The program features in-app purchases and a premium subscription.


Siberian Networks

IPTV player

Development and support for Like TV video player, which supports digital television streaming and playback of file sharing network resources.

Player functions:

  • Watching local video files stored on the user's computer;
  • Watching digital television live and from a TV guide;
  • Watching archival TV shows;
  • Watching web camera streams;
  • Searching for and watching films located in an internal subscription-based file sharing network.

Scope of work:

  • Elimination of errors discovered in operation;
  • Player interface redesign for Norilsk Telecom, update of server interaction API;
  • Update of TV program interface – adding display of TV listings for the previous week;
  • Adding functionality for watching archival TV shows;
  • Adding functionality for film viewing history.