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Geolocation game for city role play

December 25, 2012

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Geolocation games (or geo games) are a kind of game in which the player’s involvement is directly related to their own geographic position. According to the game’s rules, players must cross an area through a series of predefined control points in a given timeframe. To track the player’s movement, GPS satellite technology is used via a participant’s mobile phone. This is a game which is mobile in every sense of the word!


The software allows users to play with strangers, or a chosen group of friends, and makes use of servers and cloud technology to provide a live gaming experience. The editor service allows users to create their own game with set parameters, such as the duration and area covered for the game, as well as the number and types of opponents, organization into separate teams, and the goals for winning the game. This ‘virtualization’ of urban spaces is already very popular, with a projected one billion users in the coming years. The customizable nature of RPGs means that these kinds of games can be adapted to almost any urban space.


Virtual world service


Geolocation game for city role play


City Roleplay Fields


City Roleplay Abilities


City Roleplay Character

Client: Start-up

The virtual world of the role play is tied to a map of the city. The location of the player is also shown on this map via GPS. Various characters are placed and move on the map: demons, orcs, etc. Some of these are computer players, others – real people. The player is plunged into this virtual world and must complete quests by evading or confronting the opposing team, avoiding kill zones, collecting and taking away artefacts.


Client-server chat


Geolocation game for city role play

Description: This application is for exchanging text messages inside a network. Client communication is organized via a dedicated server which stores the protocols of all correspondence.