Content marketing strategy and promotion

Content marketing is the distribution of genuinely useful, free information via the internet. It is targeted at creating a positive image and boosting the popularity of a company or a product:

  • Creating useful content
  • Developing a company blog
  • Running a video blog
  • Content distribution and traffic generation

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps to ensure that pages are fully indexed, which increases their prominence within search results. As a result, sales go up and the business expands.

01 Diagramm yandex-google Large share of traffic Search engines provide more than half of all corporate website traffic.
02 Man and shop basket Interested audience Search queries give information about the interests of users.
03 Magnifying glass with list Visibility The website is visible in search results.

An increase in visibility can be achieved through the following operations.

  • Preliminary analysis.
    • Market analysis
    • Estimation of demand and market share
    • Estimation of competition level
    • Preparation of a media strategy
  • Semantic core compilation based on website content, competitor websites and search engine statistical analysis.
    • Analysis of texts on the website – choosing prominent terms
    • Query frequency analysis – collection of query statistics
    • Associative analysis – adding synonyms
    • Statistical analysis – deleting queries that don't further the goal of optimisation
  • Correction of texts and website structure. The semantic core of queries should be used everywhere: for text correction, titles, creation of new pages etc.
  • Analysis of click-through statistics.
    • Determining the overall frequency of the core
    • Core adjustment
    • Error correction
  • Writing indexed annotations and tags for posts, catalogues and videos.
  • Contextual advertising.
    • Testing the quality of the semantic core on high-cost contextual advertising
    • Queries from the core are used to create textual and graphic banners for contextual advertising
  • Searching for channels with the placement of backlinks.
  • Content build-up: the core of queries is used to create new articles and sections.
  • Posting landing pages with an offer to ‘come inside’ the promoted website.

Contextual advertising

This is the best way to get on the first page of the search engine's system for the queries you have chosen, in the shortest amount of time. We recommend this tool for:

  • One-time advertising campaigns
  • Core testing
  • Selection of low-frequency key words

Advertising on social networks

This is a new type of advertising, which has proved to be effective.

  • Generation of a loyal audience
  • Promotion of groups and channels on social networks
  • Posting of content, which is useful to the audience

We work with meanings, words, all types of content, social networks and search engines.